A Tree?  

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There are people who said they got the tree as the bat for the game Whack-A-Kass. When I finally got it like 2 minutes ago, I was too stunned to react. I only scored 1244. Want to see how the tree looks like?

I have been playing this game ever since I started playing Neopet and this is the first time I got the tree.

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I never unblock the higher level, i must play more :P

tellme ... you won the trophe?

4:20 AM

nope. To get the trophy, you must score 1600++ The gold trophy winner has a 2000++ score.

I got the avatar a long time ago. You must score 850++ to get it.

12:21 PM
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12:21 PM

At least you hit the Kass. First time I got the tree, I swung waaaay too early and missed because I was confused about where it was going to drop from.

12:59 PM

You can actually carry a TREE?! Woah that little Blumaroo is strong xD

6:58 PM

Ya, that Blumaroo is such strong. hahahaha.

8:54 PM

OMG!! there is actually a tree?
LOL! it sure looks funny with the blumaroo carrying a tree!

10:49 PM

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