NQ2: Weapons and Armours  

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I don't buy any weapons or armors for Velm and Mipsy. I got their weapons from defeating the bossess. Reason being that the damages or defense from the weapons at the shops and from the bossess aren't too much difference.


Mipsy started off with the Sawdust Wand. This was her default wand. It has a damage 4. At the Lakeside City, I can choose to buy her the Cardboard Wand. But this wand's damage is only 6. It won't make a lot of difference. But when I defeat Ramtor II, he will give me the Corrugated Wand - slowing. This has a damage 7. From Dmg4 to Dmg7, that's good enough.

That means I only buy weapons and armor for Rohane and Talinia.

At White River City, I bought Iron Shortsword and Rusty Chain Tunic Amour.

Got the Tempered Iron Shortsword from Zombom.

I got Forged Shortsword (dmg 20) and Iron Ringmail (def 20) at Chia Oscuro.

Bought Studded Leather Tunic for Talinia and Iron Splint Mail for Rohane at Happy Valley.

At Waset Village, I bought:
steel longsword (dmg 40)
light plate mail (def 40)
strapped leather tunic (def 30)

At Level 43, the 4 heroes have:

Rohane: lightning longsword and light sun plate
Mipsy: reinforced wand and channeling acolyte's robe
Talinia: compound short bow and strapped leather tunic
Velm: staff of sacrifice and simple holy chain

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