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Anyone knows what this means?

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What does this Next turn and Elapsed Time means?

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Compare your "Next turn" time with that of your opponents' (and later, with that of your allies). It will tell you who is next.

Skills determine how quickly your turn comes. Some innate skills allow you attack or cast more quickly. Some skills cause your next turn to come more slowly.

If you time it right and choose the right abilities, you can act more than once in between enemy attacks.

I hope that helps^^ Elapsed time is simply how much time, in game time, the battle has taken.

3:40 AM

Thanks regiment. That helps alot. I will try to digest the information.

8:34 AM

Next turn - when you can hit your enemy/ies (Enemies got it too).
Elapsed time - All NEXT TURN sum!

2:24 AM

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