NQ 2: Skills Selection Summary  

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This is for Rihards and all those who are going to start NQ2.

This is how I spent my skill points and I think it's pretty good. At least I didn't find it too difficult to fight the bossess and the enemies.


(a) Damage Increase
(b) Innate Magic Resistance
(c) Innate Melee Haste
(d) Critical Attacks

1. Increase this 4 skills to level 11 each in this order : a, b, c, d. Then go back to a, b, c, d.... until all these 4 skills hit 11.
2. When these 4 skills hit 11, continue to raise Critical Attack and Damage Increase to 14 each.
3. Then spend the remaining skills point on Stunning.

At Level 60, Rohane skills will look like this:
14 Damage Increase
11 Innate magic resistance
11 Innate Melee Haste
14 Critical Attacks
9 Stunning Strikes

For Normal and Evil mode, choose stunning.
For Insane mode, choose Battle Taunt.


When you met Mipsy, you are given 10 points to spend on her skills. This is what I spent on:

7 Direct Damage
2 Innate Melee Defense
1 Innate Casting Haste

1. I add one more skill point on Innate Melee Defense.
2. Then I raise the Direct Damage to 15.
3. When Direct Damage reached 15, I spend the points on Innate Melee Defense and Innate Casting Haste till they both reach 11. (Innate Melee Defense, then Innate Casting Haste, then go back to Innate Melee Denfense....)
4. Then I sepnd on Group Haste till it reach 15 which is the maximum.
5. Then I spend the rest of the points on Damage Shield.

At Level 60, Mipsy skills look like this:
15 Direct Damage
11 Innate Melee Defense
11 Innate Casting Haste
15 Group Haste
7 Damage Shields

Next you will pick up Talinia. You have 23 skills point to spend and this is how I spent it:

12 Increase Bow Damage
6 Multiple Targets
3 Innate Magic Resistance
2 Innate Melee Haste

1. Then I will raise my Innate Magic haste to 3.
2. Then I spend 5 points on Shockwave.
3. Then I spend on Ranged Attack until it reached 6.
4. I will now raise Innate Magic Resistance and Innate Melee Haste to 11.
5. Finally I will spent the rest of the points on shockwave.

At Level 60, Talinia skills will look like this:
12 Increase Bow Damage
6 Multiple Attacks
6 Ranged Attacks
12 Shockwave
12 Innate Magic Resistance
12 Innate Melee Haste

Finally, Velm will join the group. This is how I spent the points given:

15 Single Healing
10 Group Shielding
2 Mesmerization
3 Innate Melee haste
3 Innate Melee Defense

1. Then I upgrade Group Shielding to 15
2. Then I start spending the points on Innate Melee Haste and Innate Melee Defense until they both reach 11.
3. I spend the remaining 5 points on Group Healing.

Velm's Skills will look like this at Level 60:
15 Single Healing
15 Group Shielding
2 Mesmerization
11 Innate Melee Haste
11 Innate Melee Defense
5 Group Healing

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o dear, instead of Stunning Strikes, i got Battle Taunt till level 3: Mock... Can still win??

1:36 AM

May, then instead of stunning, just spend on taunt. Don't spend on stunning. In fact for evil and insane mode, we have to spend on taunt instead of stunning.

2:24 AM

When I use the skill Taunt?
Don't find it useful leh, or how should I use it?

11:27 AM

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