NQ 2: Bosses and Places to Find and Fight  

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Below is a summary of what you need to do and where you need to go. I will also talk about which level you have to be to fight which bossess.

Chapter 1:

1. Miner Foreman - Dark Cave

Then go to White River City. Rest and buy potions
You have to pick up Mipsy. But she is on the other side of the city. To get to the other side, you must defeat Zombom.

So go to Underground Cave.
Get to Lost Island.
Into Mysterious Tower. Go up to Level 4.

2. Zombom - Mysterious Tower Level 4

Take the Orb portal behind him and track through the cave and go back to White River City.

Go over to the other side of White River City and pick up Mipsy.
Stock up on potions like Resurrecting Potion. I bought 10. And Rest at the Inn.

Leave White River City.
Go to Lakeside City.
Talk to the hermit and he will give you the code for the City of Phorofor.

3. Sand Grundo - Lost City of Phorofor.

Enter the city when you reached level 13 or 14.
Fight and defeat him and take the orb portal behind him to get to the Tower of the Hill.

Go through the Tower of the Hill and you will exit the tower to go to Seaside.
Rest, restock.

Then go to Meridell Castle.

4. Ramtor - Meridell Castle

When you reach level 16, find Ramtor adn fight him.
When you defeat him, follow him to Ramtor Tower.
Train up to Level 20 and charge into Ramtor Tower.

5. Ramtor 2 - Ramtor Tower

End of Chapter 1.

Chapter 2:
Begins at Terror Mountain.

Find the Dirty, Smelly Cave adn find Leximp.

6. Leximp - Dirty Cave

Fight him and you will gain teh Word Stone.

Go to Chia Oscuro. Rest, and buy potions.
Follow the mountain path until level 22.
Enter the Cave of Terror. Go from the bottom to the top.
Train till Level 24.
When you exit the Cave of Terror, you will see the Mountainside Inn.
Go there and ask Talinia to join your team.

Rest and stock up.

Train till Level 25 and find Kolvars

7. Kolvars - Eastern Pass Sector 2

Defeat him and go to Happy Valley.
Go talk to Aisha name Jualie. She will tell you she can't find her son.
Go find her son and talk to him.
Follow him to her his house.
Now restock because you will get a discount for finding the boy.
Stock up on potions, armour and weapon.

For weapon and armour, if the difference is only 2 or 3, DON'T BUY!

Now go South and train till Level 27.
Visit the Adventurer's Camp and rest.
Then head north to Lost Cave.

Go talk to Snowager at Level 4.
Then headed north to Mountain Top.

8. Scuzzy - Mountain Top

You should be Level 29 before you fight him

End of Chapter 2.

Chapter 3:

You find yourself at Lost Desert

Get out of the Palace and into the village.
Stock up on everything.
Find Temple of the Sky.

9. Silicast - Temple of the Sky, Level 2.

Fight him at Level 32.
Go back to the Palace.
Talk to the Princess.
Go back to the village and restock.

Go to Ruined Temple.

10. Gebarn II - Ruined Temple Level 4

At level 34, fight him.
Take the orb and you will be teleport to the Palace again. Talk to the princess and then leave the palace. Head towards the Waset Village.

At Waset Village, you will pick up Velm.
Rest and Restock.
The villager will tell you to rescue the Librarian.

So head northwest into the Valley of Ancient Kings.

At Level 36, go into the Palace of Ancient Kings and fight the Revenant.

11. Revenant - Palace of Anceint Kings, Level 2.

After defeating the Revenant, go back to Waset Village and talk to Lifira, the librarian. You will get discount from the inn and restock. Lifira will give you the code. So you have to talk to her.

Then go find the Hermit.
Then go pick up the Medallion piece.
Then go to Akhten-Ka.

12. Coltzan - Akhten-Ka

Train till Level 38 and fight King Coltzan.
You will get the 2nd piece of the medalliion behind him.
Now exit his palace and go north where you will see some strange rock formations . Find the last medallion.

Go back to Waset Village. Do not restock here. Bypass it and the Ruined Temple. Head over to Zakharukh's Pyramid.

13. Anubits - Zakharukh's Pyramid, Level 3

Train to Level 40 and fight him.

End of Chapter 3.

Chapter 4:

You will find yoruself in Haunted Wood. Got to Shadow Gulch, rest, and stock up. The villagers will tell you it's Von Roo's fault.

Then go to Count Von Roo Castle.
Fight Meuka.

14. Meuka - Dungeon.

Fight him and then take the orb porter to exit the castle. Then go talk to Count Von Roo. He will tell you it's the Spider Grundo's fault. So go find The Cave of Dark Things.

15. Spider Grundo - Cave of Dark Things.

It's a long cave. Fight him at Level 43. After defeating him, he will tell you it's the Balthazar's fault.

Exit the cave and head towards Balthazar's Grove.

Talk to Balthazar and the four faeries.
Go into the Happy Fun Non-Haunted House.
Train till level 46 then talk Brain Tree. Talk to him fully. Then talk to the shopkeeper beside him. The shopkeeper will give you free rest. Stock up on ALL potions, haste and everything else.

Train till level 48 and go fight the 4 faeries.

16. 4 Faeries - Balthazar's Grove.

Fight fire, dark, water and earth faeries in this order.

How to fight:
Haste your group
Slow the faeries
Then Attack ...

Talk to Balthazar again. Then head towards Hubrid Nox Tower.

17. Hubrid Nox - Nox's Fortress Level 9.

Fight him when you are at level 50.

18. Esophagor - Esophager's Swamp

End of Chapter 4.

Chapter 5 - Faerieland
You found yourself in Faerieland.
Head straight to the Watchtower.
Rest up, stock up on the potions.
Then go find the fallen Angel.

19. Fallen Angel

Fight her at level 51.

Head towards the Underclouds.
talk to Essit
Then go to City of Cumulonimbnus
Talk to Ceth
Go find the Devipluss.

20. Devilpuss - City of Cumulonimbnus

Fight him at Level 53.
Then head to Village of Cirrus. rest, stock up with potions.

Head up to Faerie City.

21. Faerie Thief (3 times)

At Level 54, find the Faerie Thief and fight her 3 times. Then you can exit the City and go into the Faerie Palace.

In the Faerie Palace, go talk to Vitrini. She will tell you to find Pant Devil East and West.

22. Pant Devil (2 times) - Faerie Palace Level 4

You can fight the Pant Devil at Level 57 and 58.

23. King Terask - Faerie Palace, Level 5 SE

Fight him at Level 59

24. King Terask 2 - Faerie Palace, Level 5 SW

Train till Level 60 before you go find him.

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