NQ 2: Chapter 5g - Faerie Palace - Terask King II  

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10. Find Lyra. Rest, and restock on every potions that you bought at cirrus which you may have used.

Lyra says: "You must be the adventurers I've heard so much about."

You say: "Who are you?"

Lyra says: "I am Lyra. I am Queen Fyora's personal attendant. Unfortunately, we've been separated ever since King Terask took over. Luckily he's too large to get into these rooms, so I'm safe as long as I stay here."

You say: "We defeated King Terask."

Lyra says: "What?! But... Fyora is still imprisoned! The spell hasn't been broken. I could feel it instantly if it was. She's upstairs. Maybe if you go up there you'll be able to free her."

You say: "Can you help us at all?"

Lyra says: "You bet I can. You can rest in these beds here, and I've got the very last of the castle's potion supply. I'd be happy to give them all to you for free, except... well... the castle's master of accounts will have my head if we get through this and we're missing crates and crates of potions, so you will unfortunately have to pay for what you buy. But I've got everything you'll need."

You say: "We could use a rest."

Lyra says: "I'll bet. Well, there's beds. Go ahead and take a nap. You're gonna need it."

You rest for a while, and wake up refreshed and healthy.

Some enemies here are:

10. Go rescued Queen Fyora by defeating King Terask II.

You won't see King Terask until he suddenly appear like this:

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King Terask

This is what I did.
1. Try to slow him with coma potion. Used like 6 before it slow him down.
2. Shield the group.
3. Haste the group.
4. Have everyone throw Hurrican potions at him. Most of the time reisted. But finally he was blasted.
5. Then just go with the flow. Do what's needed. Attack and heal and cast haste and slow at the same.
6. Totally enjoy myself.

Gosh!!! Am I glad to see this:

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It didn't take me an hour. Maybe 20 minutes. But I am sure on Evil mode, it will be tougher. And yes, I will be continuing with Evil Mode. I want those cool weapons.

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Wasn't so bad.
He didn't heal himself that often.
But was nerve-wrecking when Velm got mesmerized and couldn't heal herself and her HP was in the red zone.


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I got the Talinias Whittling Knife worth 4,200 NP

Okay... Evil Mode Here I Come. LOL.

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U made it!
Even before u go on "leave".
That's COOL!

4:41 PM

I wonder what I can do with that knife. Can I fight it with Snow beast? LOL!!!

9:13 PM

Oh, so where are you at now? Remember to let me know.

9:13 PM

In the Goo Bog.
On the way to Esophagor's Swamp.
Can't find the map leh...
So just walk lor. hope it's the right way. Should be lor, as I met up with a sentient fungus and a slime behemoth. They are quite easy to deal with.
I'm only level 52, wonder if can defeat the The Esophagor when I meet him.

10:04 AM

1:1 Hiphone 4 Cell Phone

2:53 PM

SX910 Headset

11:00 AM

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