NQ 2: Chapter 5e - Faerie Palace - Pant Devil  

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Walking through the gate, we reached the Faerie Palace.

1. Find and talk to Stenvela. She is at the entrance.

Stenvela says: "I take it you were able to retrieve the key to the palace from that horrible Faerie Thief. Thanks for defeating her."

You say: "Who are you?"
Stenvela says: "Name's Stenvela. I'm a commander in the Faerieland militia. Me and my squad managed to get inside the palace before it got locked up, and we've been trying to fight our way to Fyora, who we think is being held prisoner in the West Tower. There's a bit of a problem, though... the stairways that lead to the upper floors of the palace have been blocked off by the enemy! They've set up barricades in the hallways."

You say: "We'll try to find another way upstairs. What are you going to do?"
Stenvela says: "I've got to stay here and direct battle operations on the ground floor, try and root out the enemy commanders. If you run into any more of my squad, they might be able to help you with information. Good luck."

While fighting:

Mipsy says, "I wish I didn't need these stupid shoes."

2. Find Kroliya.

Kroliya says: "Hey! You're not dark faeries! What are you doing here?"

You say: "We're looking for a way upstairs."
Kroliya says: "Well, this isn't it. They've blocked off the hallway just west -- and behind the blockade is the nearest stairway."

You say: "Is there another way up?"
Kroliya says: "Hmm... Maybe. You could cut through the garden in the middle of the palace. There's a service corridor just south there, that goes right to it. From there you should be able to get to the other stairway. If it's not blocked off, anyway."

You say: "Is there anything else you can tell us?"
Kroliya says: "Well, some of our scouts have said that they saw or heard Pant Devils upstairs. I'd be careful if I were you; the way they described the Pant Devils, it sounds like they're... bigger than usual. Heh. Good luck."

3. Find Arthal.

Arthal says: "I bet you were looking for these stairs, huh? They're blocked off. Damn those dark faeries!"

You say: "Is there another staircase we can use?"
Arthal says: "There's the one on the north side -- you can get there if you go back through the garden. But you just came through there, didn't you? Hmm. Well, if you go around through the rooms along the west corridor, you might be able to get to the north stairway from the back."

You say: "Is there anything else you can tell us?"
Arthal says: "I suppose Kroliya told you about the Pant Devils? Well, nevermind. I've heard some kind of awful roaring noise from up above. Heh, nobody else believes me when I say it, but I'm 99 percent sure it's a dragon. And not a friendly one. So watch yourself."

4. Talk to Vitrini and rest for FREE!

Vitrini says: "Ah! Reinforcements! To arms, soldiers!"

You say: "We're not soldiers. We're adventurers, here to help."
Vitrini says: "Oh. Well. That's good enough, I suppose. Stenvela sent you up, eh? She may have mentioned about Fyora. We've got a problem. I've confirmed that Fyora is being held captive in the West Tower. But if you don't feel up to dealing with that right now, there's some spare beds up here that you can use, if you want to take a rest."

You say: "So what's the problem?"
Vitrini says: "The problem is, the door to the West Tower has been locked shut -- some kind of magical ward protects it, too, so we can't just break it down."

You say: "Who has the key?"
Vitrini says: "The key is held by..." She looks around, as if afraid someone will overhear. Vitrini continues, whispering. "King Terask himself!"

You say: "Who's King Terask?"
Vitrini says: "A dragon. A big, vicious dragon. He showed up right when the fighting started, and looked like he was giving commands to the dark faeries and their friends. He and Fyora fought. It was a terrible battle..." She looks away, shaking her head.

You say: "What happened?"
Vitrini says: "Huh? Oh, sorry, I got carried away there, reminiscing. Anyway, they fought, and fought, and eventually Terask overcame Fyora and locked her in the West Tower. He cast some magical binding spells on her, so she can't use her own magic, or move, or do anything. I think she's in a kind of stasis. After that, he started calling himself 'King' Terask and making grand pronouncements out over the city. Not that any of the loyal faeries are listening to him, of course."

You say: "Where is Terask now?"
Vitrini says: "As far as I know, he's up in the East Tower. But there's kind of a... a catch."

You say: "What catch?"
Vitrini says: "I dunno if any of the others mentioned it, but there's a couple of Pant Devils up here. Two of them. Big ones. And each of the Pant Devils has half of the Silver Key which opens the East Tower, so you'll need to defeat them both. Then, bring me the two halves of the key -- I know how to recombine them so that they'll open the door to the East Tower."

You say: "Where are the Pant Devils?"
Vitrini says: "In the smaller towers, in the northwest and northeast of this floor. You'll have to defeat them both and take their halves of the Silver Key. Then you can come back down here, go around to the east, and face King Terask. Not that you have a snowball's chance in the Lost Desert of beating him, but you've probably got a better shot than any of us. Good luck!"

You say: "We'd like to rest for a bit."
Vitrini says: "Sure thing. I'll scrounge up a guard or two so that you can get some rest." Vitrini shows you to a spare bedroom, and you rest for a few hours, awaking refreshed and healthy.

5. Find and defeat one of the 2 Pant Devils who will give you half a key each.

Finally reached Level 4 and found one of the Pant Devil.

Pant Devil (East)

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Pant Devil

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6. Go back to Vitrini, rest and go to the other side and fight the other Pant Devil.

You say: "We've defeated the Pant Devil in the northeast tower."

Vitrini says: "You defeated the northeast Pant Devil? Good work! Now just go take care of the northwest one, bring me the two halves of the Silver Key, and you'll be able to go up into the East Tower and find King Terask."

Pant Devil (West)

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7. Go back to Vitrini again. She will put the key together and you will be able to gain entry to the Southeast tower where King Terask waits.

You say: "We've defeated both Pant Devils."

Vitrini says: "You defeated both Pant Devils? Excellent work! Let me put the two halves of the Silver Key together..." She does so, attaching the two parts with a deft hand motion that you can't quite follow. "There you go. Now you can head to the East Tower and find King Terask. Just follow this corridor east and then south. You'll be at the East Tower in no time."

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