NQ 2: Chapter 5b - Underclouds  

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Entering The Underclouds, everything is Blue.

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First thing to do here is to find Essit and talk to her.

Essit stares at you nervously as you approach. "Who are you? What do you want? Don't hurt me!"

You say: "We won't hurt you. We're adventurers, helping to fight against the invasion."
Essit sighs: "Oh. Well. That's good, I suppose. I've been stuck down here for days, because of all the monsters and evil faeries roaming around."

You say: "Why are you down here in the Underclouds?"
Essit says: "I was searching for... well, it's silly, I guess, but I was searching for the lost Faerie city of Cumulonimbus. Legend says it's somewhere in the Underclouds, but I haven't been able to find it. Not that I've had a lot of time to search since I've been stuck here."

You say: "Where have you searched so far?"
Essit says: "I started in the northwest, where you came from. I didn't get very far. If Cumulonimbus does really exist, then it'd be somewhere off to the southeast. But these evil stoneclouds are blocking the path. You'd have to go around to the southwest first, I guess. Good luck finding it. I hope you can get past all these monsters!"

Then we have to find Cumulonimbus.

When we enter Cumulonimbus, we have to find Ceth and talk to her.

Ceth glances up from the ground, where she's playing marbles. "Well what do YOU want?"

You say: "Who are you?"

Ceth glares at you. "Mind your own business!" she snaps. "I'm busy playing a game.

You say: "Isn't it kind of dangerous to be out here?"

Ceth sighs: "So? It's dangerous. Big whoop. The creatures here don't bother me. They think I'm so crazy to just traipse in here, that I must be a powerful wizard or something." She laughs. "Not even. I just needed a nice smooth surface to play marbles on."

You say: "Can you at least tell us something useful about the city?"

Ceth says: "Sure. I've been here a while, so I know a thing or two. What do you want to know?"

You say: "What kind of monsters are there in this city?"

Ceth says: "A bunch of different ones. Lots of faeries. A noil or two. I thought I saw someone herding some babaas through, but that can't be right. Oh yeah! A big Angelpuss, although it looks weird. It was red! Are Angelpusses supposed to be red? Anyway. What else do you want to know?"

You say: "What can you tell us about the layout of the city?"

Ceth says: "Easy. It's a grid. Well, not that easy. See, there's this stonecloud stuff that's built up all over the place. I dunno where it came from but it's all over the Underclouds. Anyway, I guess the city's been abandoned a long time, because the stonecloud has broken through a lot of the building walls. Makes it kinda hard to get around. I think you need to go on through those buildings to the southeast if you want to get anywhere. What else do you want to know?"

It's a long maze to Devilpuss. Gosh... we got so tired. LOL!!!... But we finally found her/him?

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Not that difficult to defeat.

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Win the fight and we are suppose to be rewarded with the Devilpuss Avatar. There was no SHH that said I have gotten the Avatar. But it's in my avatar preference.

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The enemies you get to meet here are:

Leaving the Cumulonimbus, we will head north-east to the Village of Cirrus.

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