NQ 2: Chapter 5a - Faerieland  

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Once we reached Faerieland, we follow the path and came to a Watch Tower. It's the Northern Watchtower.

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We rest up, stock up on the 2nd floor.

Guardswoman Janna says: "Who are you?"
You say: "We are adventurers. We're here to help."

Guardswoman Janna raises an eyebrow. "Can't imagine how you'd end up here, but... go on inside and talk to Captain Okara. She'll know what to do with you." She ignores you and returns to her watch.

Guardsman Wertam says: "State your business, civilian."
You say: "We are adventurers. We're here to help."

Guardsman Wertam eyes you carefully. He says, "You don't look like spies. I'll take a chance and trust you. Don't make me regret that choice. You'd best go inside and talk with Captain Okara. She can spare time to talk. We can't." He turns back to watching outside.

Guard Captain Okara says: "What do you want, civilian? We don't have time for idle chatter."

You say: "We are adventurers. We're here to help. What's happening in Faerieland?"
Guard Captain Okara says: "Adventurers, eh? We certainly could use your help. Strange monsters are invading Faerieland, and all the dark faeries have begun to rebel!"

You say: "Invasion? Rebellion? Who's behind all this?"
Guard Captain Okara says: "We're not positive yet. Communications with Faerie City have been cut off for days, and we can't get close enough to find out who, if anyone, is organizing the attacks. We've got our hands full just keeping this watchtower from falling to the enemy."

You say: "What kinds of enemies are attacking you?"
Guard Captain Okara says: "Mostly dark faeries. All different kinds. Even some of the Eyries have gone over to the enemy and are fighting against us now. There have even been mercenaries, recruited from who knows where!" She shakes her head and sighs. "Some in the Guard have to have seen bizarre creatures 'made of cloud,' they said. I don't know if I believe it, but these days, anything's possible."

Quartermaster Calam examines you thoroughly as you approach. "You look like hardy adventurers. Well, Okara's given her okay, if you need a place to rest for the night." He looks around furtively. "We also got a lot of extra weapons and armor lyin' around these days, if you know what I mean. Too much equipment and not enough troops to equip. I'd be willing to let you have some... for a price. Just let me know if you're interested." He straightens up. "'Sides that, won't cost you anything to stay the night here. We've got extra bunks in the barracks."

You say: "We'd like to rest for the night."
Quartermaster Calam nods and shows you to the barracks. "You'll sleep soundly here. Faerieland doesn't skimp on making its soldiers comfortable."

You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.

The guard on Level 2:

Guardswoman Avisne says: "This war is crazy. Where did all these dark faeries come from?"

You say: "I don't know. Heard any rumors?"
Guardswoman Avisne says: "A couple. But they're crazy, mostly. Corrupted faeries, mechanical Cybunnies... I even heard that the dark faeries are using babaas as soldiers! Maybe some of it's true, but it's just crazy."

Guardsman Loceveakro says: "I heard there was an enormous dragon behind the whole thing. Only dragon I know is the Snowager, and he lives down on Terror Mountain. So it can't be him. Like Avisne there says... crazy talk."

You say: "Are you sure it's just a rumor?"
Guardsman Loceveakro says: "Can't be sure of nothin' these days. You'd asked me a month ago, I'd've said I was sure Faerieland could never be invaded. Shows what I knew, eh?"

Guardsman Kosec says: "Shh! Don't tell anyone I'm back here. I'm hiding."

You say: "What are you hiding from?"
Guardsman Kosec says: "The..." He looks around, suspiciously, but nobody else is near. "The Fallen Angel!"

You say: "Who's the Fallen Angel?"
Guardsman Kosec says: "I... I don't know. She came to me in my dream last night, told me to betray my friends. It was so real. But I don't want to be near the others now. I'm afraid I might do something awful to them!"

On the other side of the hall, there are 2 guards too.

Guardswoman Kemtami says: "You're really going out there? Crazy adventurers."

You say: "Is there any reason we shouldn't go out there?"
Guardswoman Kemtami shrugs. "You mean aside from the dark faeries, bizarre creatures, and traitorous eyries? Can't think of any reason. Have fun!"

Guardsman Sevitas says: "Good luck out there. We probably aren't going anywhere for a while, so if you need to come back, we'll have a place for you to rest."

You say: "Thanks. Any other advice?"
Guardsman Sevitas says: "Yeah. There's a cloud maze to the south. Never used to be there, but since the dark faeries invaded, they've spent a lot of effort rearranging the cloud formations. I think they want to keep the outer guard towers, like us, from being able to send reinforcements to Faerie City. So watch yourself."

Exiting the tower, we went down south and try to find the Fallen Angel and defeat her.

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Fallen Angel
1200/1200 HP

She is quite easy to defeat.

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Walk eastward and you will find Vilaria.

Vilaria says: "So much for going that way."

You say: "What happened to the Bridge of Mist?"
Vilaria says: "It was destroyed by a huge... evil... beast of some kind. I don't know what it was. It almost looked like an Angelpuss, but an Angelpuss would never do something so awful!"

You say: "Who are you?"
Vilaria says: "Nobody, really, just a faerie trying to make her way back to the city. But with the Bridge of Mist gone, I don't know how I'll get there!"

You say: "Why don't you just fly there?"
Vilaria says: "Are you crazy?! There's dark faeries everywhere, and they're watching the skies very carefully! The only safe way to get anywhere is to walk... if you call getting attacked by creatures every other step 'safe.'"

Now there is a choice.

You say: "We're trying to get to Faerie City, too. Is there any other path?"

Vilaria says: "Well..." She looks off to the south. "There is one way, but you'd have to go into the Underclouds!"

You say: "What are the Underclouds?"

Vilaria says: "We faeries don't talk about them much, but the Underclouds are a place hidden deep within the clouds you can normally see up here. Strange creatures and dark faeries live there, but they've always kept to themselves. There's even a rumor that there's some kind of city down there, but nobody who's gone to look has ever returned. I think there might be a path through there that lets you get to Faerie City, but I don't know. But it's probably your only choice."

You say: "Thanks for your help."

Vilaria says: "No problem. And hey, if you go into the Underclouds, I might decide to follow... at a safe distance, once you hearty adventurers have dealt with all the nasties that live down there."

or this:

You say: "But aren't you a dark faerie?"

Vilaria says: "Well, yeah, but I'm not an evil dark faerie, like the ones who are rebelling. I'm a... well, I'm not good, either. I suppose I'm sort of chaotic neutral."

You say: "We're trying to get to Faerie City, too. Is there any other path?"

Vilaria says: "Well..." She looks off to the south. "There is one way, but you'd have to go into the Underclouds!"

You say: "What are the Underclouds?" ....

So heading off to the Underclouds.

The enemies you will encounter in this section are:

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