NQ 2: Chapter 4f - Hubrid Nox  

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After taking to Balthazar, we were told to go find Hubrid Nox. So we head westward.

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Entering the fortress, we discovered that there are 9 levels. A long way up.


The enemies here are tough. Especailly Hand of Nox.

He kept going after Mipsy taking 100hp from her each time. At one of the time, I didn't check Mipsy's health and I got her killed.

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I used a resurrect potion and then got Velm to heal her. Phew...

Some of the other enemies:

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Finally got to the 9th level. That was a long climb. And I earned 10,000 gold pieces. And we came face to face with Hubrid Nox.

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Hubrid Nox

He wasn't as difficult as we thought.

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Once we defeated him, we could talk to him.

Hubrid Nox says: "Ah! Released from the spell. When I find that horrible witch, she's going to be on the receiving end of my wrath, for I am Hubrid Nox!"

You say: "Which witch?"
Hubrid Nox says: "Which witch? Which witch? If you can believe it, it was Edna the Witch! And she managed to enthrall me, Hubrid Nox, master of evil! Oh, I'll never live this down... and I had to work alongside that filthy cur, Balthazar, not to mention Spider Grundo, that mutant scum. But unlike them, I remained aware throughout of what I was doing."

You say: "Why did Edna make you cast a spell for her?"
Hubrid Nox says: "We did not cast a spell for her--she merely used us as energy conduits to cast her own spell. But why she would make the sun stay up is completely beyond even my superior intellect; it must be madness! Madness, I tell you! And not the good kind, that results in world domination or the deaths of innocents. No, this is the kind of random, aimless madness that wastes talents like Edna's. Nonetheless, when I find her, she will pay for her treachery!"

You say: "Where could we find Edna?"
Hubrid Nox says: "So, you wish to do my dirty work for me, eh? So be it! You may punish Edna on my behalf. Mwa ha ha ha ha! She'll never see it coming. Edna lives in the Witch's Tower, across the Goo Bog. To reach it, follow the path south out of the mountains. The tower is at the eastern end of the Bog. I'd wish you luck, but I have to practice my maniacal laughter. Mwa ha ha ha! MWA HA HA HA HA!!" He pauses. "What are you still doing here? Get out! Use the teleporter so you aren't tramping mud all the way back down the tower, like you did on your way up."

So we took the teleport to go out.

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