NQ 2: Chapter 4e - 4 Faeries Battle  

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After talking to Brain Tree, we go back to find the 4 faeries. Heard that this is going to be a difficult battle.

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a Dark Faerie 750/750
a Fire Faerie 600/600
a Water Faerie 900/900
an Earth Faerie 1250/1250

The order to fight these faeries is Fire, Dark, Water and Earth.

It's not that difficult. LOL.

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The Balthazar's Grove looks like this now.

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If you go back up to the Happy House, it has turned into a Haunted House.

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Went back to talk to balthazar again.

Balthazar shakes his head. "Well, that was frightening. And I live in the Haunted Woods! Those faeries put some kind of curse on me... making me like faeries! If that isn't evil, I don't know what is."

You say: "What happened to you?"
Balthazar says: "Not sure. I was prowling through the forest, hunting Faeries, when I saw someone moving in the trees. I couldn't see who it was. I started moving toward them, and I heard them chanting something. The next thing I knew, I was back here in the grove, surrounded by... faeries!" He spits in disgust. "I guess I should thank you for getting rid of them. Stupid faeries."

You say: "Count von Roo says he saw you casting a spell along with Spider Grundo and Hubrid Nox to keep the sun up."
Balthazar shouts: "WHAT!! That lying little vampire! How dare he say that about me! I'm a lone wolf--almost literally! Why, when I get my hands on him..."

You say: "Spider Grundo was under a curse, like you. Without the faeries, though."
Balthazar's eyes narrow: "He was? Hmm, that's... strange. Maybe von Roo is telling the truth. But I sure know I wasn't doing any spell, at least not on purpose. Someone else must be behind this... and I'll bet it's Hubrid Nox. He's an evil mastermind if there ever was one. You should go to his fortress. Follow the path northwest out of my grove, and you will eventually find yourself in the mountains. Then you will come to Nox's fortress, and there I hope he'll have answers for you."

You say: "Don't you want to talk to Nox as well?"
Balthazar says: "I would, but I need to take a bath, to get the smell of faeries off of me."

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What is your level when u face the 4 Faeries?

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