NQ 2: Chapter 4d - Balthazar's Grove  

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From Haunted Wood (b), you will enter the greener pasture of the Balthazar's Grove (a).

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You will meet Balthazar. Talk to him:

Balthazar says: "Ah, it's such a beautiful, sunny day! Don't you just love flowers and faeries? I sure do! And my grove has gone from being awful and icky to lovely and pretty!"

You say: "Are you feeling okay?"

Balthazar says: "Why, I certainly am. Ever since my faerie pals showed up!" He points at a group of four tiny faeries, hovering nearby. "They're just the best."

You say: "I thought you hated faeries."

Balthazar says: "Oh, no! That was the old me. The new me loves faeries! They're so fun and cute." He grins happily.

Walking past Balthazar, you met the 4 faeries:

The Faeries say: "Isn't it a pretty day?" Then they hover closer to you and whisper, "And we don't want you ruining it. Now get out of here, and don't come back!" You can't move past them, as they block the way out of the grove.

Then travel up into the Happy Fun Non-Haunted House. Train till Level 46 before you leave and talk to Brain Tree.

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Into the house, go round the level to go up the stair to level 2. Go round the level again and you will see a stair going down:

Go down and you will reach this block off area in Level 1.

Exit and you will see Brain Tree.

Talk to Brain Tree:

The Brain Tree booms: "Halt! Who enters my domain?"

You say: "Adventurers. We're trying to figure out why the sun is permanently up."

The Brain Tree booms: "Hmm, hmm, so I determined, before you even said a word! For I am the Brain Tree, smartest of all trees! Which isn't really saying much... but anyway! You come here because Balthazar is cursed, and the Faeries will not let you pass, unless I miss my guess."

You say: "Yes, that's right. Can you help us break the curse?"

The Brain Tree booms: "Hmm, hoom, yes... Much as I enjoy the eternal sun--after all, it's what I eat!--my branches are starting to wither under the perpetual sunlight. Not to mention the fact that it's getting rather hot. So, you must free Balthazar from his curse, and find out why he caused the sun to stay up." The Brain Tree laughs. "Yes! Already I know what has happened, though I am immobile."

You say: "How do we free Balthazar from his curse?"

The Brain Tree booms: "Simple. You must defeat the Faeries that guard him, for they control the curse. To do so, you may use a Word of Power that will enrage them and force them to fight you. The word is, 'Zhadramekel,' which translates to, 'Cursed Faeries' in an ancient language. Go now, and defeat the faeries!" One of the Brain Tree's branches twists to point behind him. "You may leave this place by way of a hidden path in the trees behind me; also, I have magically opened the gates on the sides of the house, so you need not brave its horrors to visit me again."

You say: "Anything else you can tell us?"

The Brain Tree booms: "Indeed. If you desire rest, you may do so here at the Haunted House. Talk to Augur Faunt, the little man standing near my roots, and he will see to getting you some rooms. I will call off my minions in the house for you, while you sleep--but no longer!"

The brain tree will give us a code to annoy the 4 faeries. The word is, 'Zhadramekel,' which translates to, 'Cursed Faeries' in an ancient language.

After talking to Brain tree, talk to the shopkeeper to his right. Here we stock up all the potions and rest.

Augur Faunt says: "Well, bless me! Real, living visitors. I haven't had anyone to talk to but that blowhard old Brain Tree for weeks now. Ah, but he's not so bad."

You say: "Why are you back here?"

Augur Faunt says: "Ah, well, that's a story. The long and short of it is, I went looking for other markets to sell my wares, as Shadow Gulch got quite crowded, what with Shan and Hunsev locking up the potion and equipment markets, respectively." He sighs, but then his eyes brighten. "But you look to be adventurers! And I've got my whole stock here with me. So, what do you say?"

You say: "The Brain Tree says we can rest in the Haunted House."

Augur Faunt says: "So you may. Follow me, and I'll find you some rooms. It may be a bit scary, but the Brain Tree will keep his word; nothing will attack you in there, now." Faunt leads you into the house, and shows you to some creaky, but livable rooms. "Have a good night."

You rest for the night, and wake up refreshed and healthy.

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I bought 20 each of these potions:
Corrode Potion(dmg 140)
Eyrie Flight Potion (haste 55%)
Sloth's Sloth Potion (slow 60%)

I also bought:
Steel Greatsword
Walnut Longbow
Honourable Staff
Superior Plate

Now train till level 48 before we went to fight the 4 faeries.

Now go westward. The gate at the side is now open. We can go through there instead of going back into the house and go through all those level. However, if you need to level up, why not.

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