NQ 2: Chapter 4c - Cave of Dark Things  

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Taking the portal behind Count Von Roo, we found ourselves here:

Finally met up with Spider Grundo.

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1200/1200 hp

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This is what Spider can do:

Spider Grundo cast Celestial Hammer on Rohane!
Rohane was stunned by the Celestial Hammer for 3 seconds, but resisted taking any damage!

Spider Grundo casts Renew!
Renew healed Spider Grundo for 150 health!

Rohane scores a critical hit!
Rohane takes 22 damage from Spider Grundo's energy shield!
Rohane slashes Spider Grundo for 117 damage!

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Get 2000 gold piece

Talk to Spider:

Spider Grundo says: "Urhg.. aghh... what happened?"

You say: "We were hoping you could tell us."

Spider Grundo says: "Er, I'm not really sure... I was walking about the swamp, when suddenly I felt a little strange. Then, the next thing I knew, I was here, talking to you! I guess someone cast a spell on me. I did see a strange, dark shape in the swamp, but I didn't think much of it... but now, who knows?"

You say: "Count von Roo says he saw you casting a spell, along with Balthazar and Hubrid Nox."

Spider Grundo glares at you as he shouts: "WHAT!! That's ridiculous! I would never work with those two." He pauses. "But... why would von Roo say that? It makes no sense."

You say: "He says you three cast a spell to make the sun stay up, permanently. Which it is."

Spider Grundo says: "It is? It was the middle of the night when I was walking in the swamp... but you say the sun's up permanently now? How awful! Won't someone think of the ghosts?!"

You say: "The ghosts are all staying indoors."

Spider Grundo says: "I suppose that makes sense... well, anyway. If Balthazar and Hubrid Nox have something to do with this, then you should go talk to them. I don't know why they would work together, let alone with me... but if I don't remember any of it, maybe they don't either, so that could explain it. Well, get going. There's a back exit to my cave, down that way." He points off to the west with one of his middle legs. "It leads to a path that goes right to Balthazar's grove. Good luck, and I hope you find out what's going on!"

Weapons that we got from spider:

Stable Wand dmg 23 – equip to Mipsy

Sunstrike Tunic def 39 – equip to Talinia

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