NQ 2: Chapter 4b - Castle of Count von Roo  

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Von Roo's Castle is east of Shadow Gluch. But the area is covered by a Jungle. So we have to travel south and go north east in the Haunted Woods.

The enemies we met were:

Going up to Level 1 of Von Roo's Castle.

You will meet Meuka first. So fight him.

Meuka has 1000/1000 hp.

Meuka casts Rampant Acceleration!
Meuka is hasted by 38%!

Meuka casts Infestation!
Infestation was resisted by Rohane!
Infestation did 44 damage to Mipsy!
Infestation was resisted by Talinia!
Infestation did 44 damage to Velm!

After defeating Meuka, go talk to Von Roo.

Count von Roo says: "Ah! I must thank you for destroying that vile beast Meuka. He's been dripping slime all over my castle. But now that he's defeated, I've been able to reopen the portal behind me, that lets me quickly leave the castle. Normally that filthy creature would be no match for my power, but he had been given some powerful magical energy that kept me trapped here."

You say: "We came from the town to the west, Shadow Gulch. They said you cast a spell to make the sun stay up."

Count von Roo says: "Well, the first thing you should know is that I did not make the sun stay up. I was casting a counterspell, to try and prevent the sun from being locked into the sky! The spell was being cast by a powerful triumvirate, from deeper within the Haunted Woods. You may not believe me, but it's true: Spider Grundo, Balthazar, and Hubrid Nox were all working together to cast the spell! Their combined powers were too strong for me, though, and my counterspell failed."

You say: "That's impossible. Those three would never work together."

Count von Roo says: "Nonetheless, I saw them with my own eyes performing the spell. They were standing in a circle, deeper within the forest. I had to get far enough away to try to cast my own counterspell, but it was too late. The sun is frozen in the sky, now, and I can't go outside. If I could, I'd go beat the stuffing out of those three!"

You say: "We'll try to find out what happened."

Count von Roo says: "I'd thank you, but I'm an evil, blood-sucking fiend. However it is probably as much in your interest as it is in mine for the sun to go down each day... so be it. Spider Grundo's cave is to the east, in the Stenchful Swamp. He is probably the nearest to here. If you can find Balthazar and Hubrid Nox as well, they may have more answers. You may use the teleporter behind me to exit my castle. Now begone!"

So this is what need to be done:
Find Spider Grundo whose cave is to the east, in the Stenchful Swamp.
Find Balthazar and Hubrid Nox to find out more.

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