NQ 2: Chapter 3h - Akhten-Ka  

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After getting the 2nd piece of Medallion, this is what we need to do:
1. Go south to Akhten-Ka to fight with the Good King Coltzan
2. After defeading the King, he will tell us where to get the 3rd piece of the medallion.
3. Exit the palace, we should be able to find the last piece of the medallion.
4. Go back to Zakharukh's Pyramid to fight the last boss of this chapter.

On the way to Akhten-Ka, you will meet Bledynn:

Bledynn says: "Well, bless my eyes! I ain't seen another person alive in this sandstorm in forever. 'Course, I have been wandering around in the FREAKING DESERT for six weeks, so what do you expect?"

You say: "Who are you?"

Bledynn says: "Oh, my name's Bledynn. Nice to meetcha. Yeah, well, like I said, I've been wandering around for a while. Not a living soul in sight--'course, that's mostly due to the HORDES OF RAVENING UNDEAD all over the place. And the various not-undead-but-still-dangerous beasties walking about, too. Although I guess even the ravenin' undead hordes learn after a while--they don't come near me any more." He brandishes a large sword. "Vera here makes sure of that."

You say: "Uh... Vera?"

Bledynn says: "You bet. She's a pretty thing, ain't she?" He smiles at his sword. "Yep, she and I've been through a lot together. I found her up yonder, in the old ruined city at the top of the mountain here. That little undead fella I got her from's not needin' her any more." He grins.

You say: "Do you know anything else about the city?"

Bledynn says: "Why, sure. I spent a little time scouting about. Worst thing I saw was a ghostly Lupe of some kind. Big fella, kinda royal-lookin'. Maybe some undead king, I dunno. I didn't stick around, though... he gave me the willies. Well, if you're gonna go explore up there, I say good luck to ya. I'm gonna stay here 'til the sandstorm ends. Have fun!"

So off we enter Akhten-Ka and try to find Coltzan.

Enemies you meet in the palace:

Finally found Coltzan:

Fight with Coltzan:

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He has 750hp

Mipsy casts Obliterate!
Obliterate did 100 damage to Coltzan's Ghost!

Talinia fires a spray of arrows!
Talinia pierces Coltzan's Ghost for 21 damage!

Rohane scores a critical hit!
Rohane slashes Coltzan's Ghost for 107 damage!

He is really easy to fight:

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After defeating him, talk to him:

King Coltzan say: "I must thank you again for releasing my spirit from the grip in which it was held. As you may know, I died by poisoning some months ago... but I found myself again with life--after a fashion--a few weeks ere now. I found myself here, and I have not been able to leave this room. I also found myself forced to kill anyone and anything who entered this place, even though I did not will it--my body moved of its own accord, striking down all who came here. But you have freed me... somehow."

You say: "Why are you here?"

King Coltzan says: "It took me not long to discover the reason. In the barrel behind me lies a piece of what I think, if I am not mistaken, is the Medallion of Wind. I suppose I was summoned to prevent anyone from acquiring it... as I guess that you are here looking for it. And my will is my own now; I will hinder you no longer. There's no time to lose. I sense that you already have two of the other pieces... take the third, combine it with the other two, and it should form a map showing you where to find the gem that the Medallion holds. The gemstone is what gives it its power. The rest of the Medallion is simply a device for holding the gem; without the gem, it is just a hunk of metal. Approach the barrel, take the third piece, and then go."

Going behind him, we saw this:

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Picking it up, we were told this:
- Something has happened! -

You pick up the centerpiece and fit it into the Medallion. It forms a more complete map, now, marking the location of the Gemstone with an 'x'. You turn to thank King Coltzan, but he fades from sight before you can say anything.

We leave the palace and go outside where we saw this:

This is where the last piece of medallion is.

- Something has happened! -

You arrive at the spot marked on the Medallion, and begin to dig. After a while, you come across a small, wooden box, well-preserved by the dry desert. You open the box, and see a small, fiery gemstone set within.

Click "Take the Gemstone."
You remove the Gemstone from the box. It fits perfectly into the Medallion. Complete, the Medallion glows with a subtle inner light. You realize that the position of the gemstone on the map corresponds to the location of Zakharukh's Pyramid.

This is what the medallion looks like from 1st to 4th:

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We should take the long journey to Zakharukh's Pyramid.

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