NQ 2: Chapter 3g - Oasis  

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We left the Waset Village and head Northwest to an Oasis where there is a hermit. We need to talk to him.

Bukaru eyes you skeptically: "Yeah? What do you want?"

You say: "Who are you?"

Bukaru says: "I don't need to answer your questions! I spent five years in the King's army--well, the marine corps, actually--taking orders, and I don't need any of that! Now I'm a freelance hermit and dispenser of random wisdom. Why don't you come back when you have something interesting to tell me?"

You say: "Alpha-three-seven-tango-echo-nine."

Bukaru's eyes narrow at you, then he blinks and nods: "Code accepted," he says. "What are you folks looking for?"

You say: "The Medallion of Wind."

Bukaru nods again: "Accessing. Hmm... interesting. Okay, I'll make this pretty easy." He clears his throat, then begins to speak in a booming, stentorian voice. "Travel due north from where I now stand, o mighty adventurers, until you come up against the northern mountains. Then you shall turn east, and proceed until your path is again blocked. There, at the foot of the cliffs, you shall find the buried treasure for which you seek!" He lowers his arms and looks at you. "Pretty good, eh? Anyway, once you find it, you'll want to head off to the southeast, and find the old ruined city of Akhten-Ka, up in the mountains. Its location will be marked on the piece of the medallion that you find. Well? Get going!"

Follow the map. And when you reached the spot, you will see this:

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Click "Keep Digging".

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You have found the 2nd piece of the medallion.

To find the 3rd medallion, we have to go fight the Coltzan at Akhten-Ka.

New enemies:

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