NQ 2: Chapter 1g - Meridell - Lost City of Phorofor  

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Leave the Lakeside City and head east and upward into the Plain of Storms, around the mountain and down into the Trackless Wastes until you see a castle. That's the Lost City of Phorofor.

Enemies we meet along the way:

Enter the City and talk to the withered ghost:

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The withered ghost looks at you balefully: "This is a place of danger, and of death. None who enter shall leave. And none shall enter who do not know the key."

You say: "I know the key -- 'Ad ro un ta en.'"

The withered ghost smiles grimly: "So you wish to enter. So be it." The ghost fades away, and the huge sandstone blocks before you fade away into nothingness. The path into the city lies open.

The path is opened:

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Go toward South East to find the Sand Grundo.

Along the way, you get to fight with:

The undead merchant says, "I can't believe it! Someone who's not undead! You wouldn't believe how cheap undead people are. Every person in this city is a boring old undead fiend... and most of them are bloodthirsty, to boot."

You say, "Who are you?"

The undead merchant says, "Oh, my apologies, I should introduce myself. I am... er... that is... my name is..." The undead merchant scratches his head. "Now that's funny. After all this time, I can't seem to remember my name. Oh well, I guess that's what happens when you've been undead for hundreds of years. At least I fared better than most of the people in this city."

You say, "What happened to the city?"

The undead merchant says, "Well, ages past, it was right next to an oasis, which I guess has dried up. The city became abandoned, then, having no source for water. I lived and died here before that ever happened, though. Imagine my surprise when I found myself awaking, then, and clawing my way out of my grave! It seems an evil wizard had resurrected all the corpses in the city for his own nefarious deeds. I wasn't interested in fighting in his army, though, so I hid away. When the king's wizards came to destroy him, it was an awful battle... but I stayed hidden, so I survived. So to speak. I've just been biding my time here, ever since. I'm not really even much of a merchant, any more. I don't have anything much to sell except for healing potions... and the rarity of potion reagents in the middle of the desert keeps my prices high, not to mention my insatiable undead greed." He shakes his head. "Imagine what my father would say if he could see me now. An undead potion merchant! How bizarre, eh?"

This is what he sells:
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I didn't buy anything here because I got all the potions I want.

So I headed down to the where Sand Grundo is and rumble with him.

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He gave me a Tailored Initiate Robe for Mipsy. But I have bought a better robe for Mipsy. So this is totally useless. May consider selling it.

Then I take the portal behind him. It will bring me to the Tower on the Hill.

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