NQ 2: Chapter 1e - Meridell - Mipsy  

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Returning to the White River City, I walked towards the bridge. It's opened now.

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Spoke with Adelan:

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Adelan says, "Well, I can't thank you enough for defeating Zombom, though I wish it didn't have to be this way. I suppose he'd been driven mad by tapping powerful, forbidden magics... or something like that."

You say, "What can you tell me about the town?"

Adelan says, "White River was founded as a river crossing centuries ago. Now it's home to a small community of wizards -- of whom I am one -- and traders who live here when not out trading. It's never grown to be a particularly large town, but we like it small. Actually, the walls were built to both protect against floods from the river itself, and to keep the community small."

You say, "Zombom said he failed his master, and he mentioned your name."

Adelan says, "His master, eh? So he was not behind this by himself? That makes a certain kind of sense, I suppose. The only other person I can think of powerful enough to put Zombom up to what he did would be... but it can't be." Adelan hesitates for a moment, and looks around suspiciously. "The king's advisor, Ramtor, was rumored to be a powerful spellcaster... but I can't imagine why he'd want the bridge frozen up. The last I heard, the king had taken ill... but this far from the castle, who knows what's going on there?"

Walking across the bridge, I went to visit Sildairm.

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I bought:
10 Speed Potion
10 Slowness PotionAwakening Potion
5 Resurrection Potion

Walk across from Sildairm's shop, I found Mipsy.

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Mipsy says: "Oh, you startled me! I'm sorry, I'm a bit jittery these days, what with all the fuss from the bridge being stuck. I'm glad it's opened up now, though, and I've heard it's all thanks to you!"

You say: "What can you tell me about this town?"

Mipsy says: "Oh, I don't know very much about White River. I haven't lived here very long, you see; in fact, I'd only just moved in when the wizard attacked and got the bridge stuck. So I haven't even met most of the people who live here, since they've been trapped across the river."

You say: "What do you do?"

Mipsy says: "Well, I'm a wizard, as you may have guessed from my robe. Not a very good one, mind you... I only know a few simple spells and other tricks."

You say: "Would you like to join me in adventuring?"

Mipsy says: "Me?? You want me to join you?" Mipsy jumps up from her chair excitedly. "Of course! Of course! I've already got my handy wizard's wand and my robes, and that's all I'll really need for a life of adventure, isn't it? Let's get going!"

Mipsy has joined your party!

Mipsy has 11 points to spend. This is what I bought for her skills:

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If I find her dying a lot, the advise is to spend 1 point on Melee Defense.

Before I leave this part of the town, I went to visit Enkarra:

Enkarra says, "You're from Trestin, are you? That means the bridge must be open! Oh, thank the stars. I was afraid I'd never be able to visit the north again."

I travel down and out of the town.

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