Neoquest 1: Summary  

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1st Weapon:
Cloth Robes:
* A Blue Thread
* A Small Yellow Gem
* A Glowing Stone


Energy Shield:
* A Chunk of Metal
* A Small Yellow Gem
* A Glowing Stone

Collect one set of these items in the Plain of Neopia and then go to Moraxis Dorangis in the Neopia City and get yoru first weapon. You can choose either one because it make no difference.


1. Dank Cave

And DO NOT LEAVE THE CAVE until you got:
You can either get Mirrored Force Field or Magic Robe. You need to collect the following:

Mirrored Force Field:
* A Piece of Glass
* A Glowign Stone
* A Lodestone
* A Tiny Obsidian


Magic Robe:
* A Stretch of Rotted Cloth
* A Pelt of a Cave Lupe
* A Glowing Stone
* A Tiny Obsidian

You also need to collect the items for the Bronze Wand:
* A Tiny Amber Gemstone
* A Rod made of Corroded Copper
* A Glowing Stone
* The Ring of Xantan (you get this when you defeat Xantan)

When you have all these items, you can leave the cave. Then go back to Neopia City and talk to Eleus Batrin who will give you a BRONZE WAND.
Then talk to Coras Tille MAGIC ROBE or Mirrored Force Field.


2. Jungle Ruins

Collect : (Nature Wand)

* 1 Glowing Stone
* 1 Jungle Pauldrons
* 1 Claw of a Jungle Beast
* 1 Tooth of a Noil
* 1 The Staff of Ni-tas

Go find Denethir at Tower Level 1.
The Nature Wand will heals you with Spirit of Oak for 25 health!


3. Temple of Roo

Collect either set:

Set A - Dawnshine Generator Shield:
* 1 Spyder Leg (Sand Spyder)
* 1 Spyder Pincer (Dust Spyder)
* 1 Cobrall Fang (Desert Cobrall)
* 1 Skeith Eye (Sand Skeith)


Set B - Sorcerous Robe:
* 1 Spyder Blood (Sand Spyder)
* 1 Cobrall Venom (Desert Cobrall)
* 1 Skeith Spit (Sand Skeith)
* 1 Crystallized sand (Desert Zombie)

Once you have collected one of the set, go back to Swamp Edge City and talk to Mokti who will give you the Dawnshine Generator Shield or Sorcerous Robe . The Dawnshine Generator items are easier to collect. It doesn't matter what item you collected. They work the same.

Things you need to collect:
Level 1:
Get a piece of Living Crystal from the Crystal Golem on your way in.

Level 2:
Collect an Emerald from the ghastly enemies.

Level 3:
Get the Clouded Gem by defeating the Archmagus of Roo.

Give the Clouded Gem to Erik who will give you the CORUSCATING GEM!

With the Coruscating Gem, you make your way to Swamp Edge City to talk to Leirobas. Give him:
* 1 Glowing Stone
* 1 Tiny Beryl
* 1 Emerald

And Leirobas will give you Jewels of Power.

With the Jewels of Power, you go back to Erick.
Give him:
* 1 carved oak staff
* 1 Growing Jewel
* 1 Coruscating Gem

And Erick will give you a LIFE STAFF!


4. Techo Cave:

Energy Absorber:
* Piece of Agate (cave 1),
* Piece of Chrysolite (cave 2), and
* Piece of Serpentine(cave 2)


Robe of Protection:
* Drakonid eye (cave 1),
* Drakonid hide (cave 1 & 2), and
* Drakonid Heart (cave 1 & 2)

It is recommended that we get the Energy Absorber because this absorber can convert damage done to you into hit points.

When you exit Cave 4, you have go to Sunny City. There you will meet Gali Yoj. Talk to her. She will clean up your Rusty Medallion (which you got from defeating Rollay Scaleback) into a KELADRIAN MEDALLION. You need this Keladrian Medallion to defeat Faleinn at Kal Panning


5. Mountain Fortress.

When you enter the mountain fortress, fight the monsters here until you find the Inferno Robe. Equip it and continue to fight them until you find the Evening Sun Energy Shield. This shield will reflect damage back at the enemy.

After you got the weapon, equip it, and head off into the Guardian's area.

Fight the 5 powerful Guardians and get the Moonstone Staff from The Guardian of Life Magic. This can give you 4hp every step you move.


6. Kal Panning

Get the Two Rings from Faleinn by defeating her with the KELADRIAN MEDALLION. You need this ring to enter the Two-Ring Palace.

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