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Wow, I have never seen a Commando Jub SHH before.

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Wah, so nice.

How much does that arrow worth?

8:43 AM

grrrr i want to buy better BD items right now but i cant.... im saving up for the adam avatar and im so close.....

i just need about 400k more!!!!
i should have that easily in a couple of weeks

9:15 AM

tex_26, wah, how do u manage to get 400k in just couple of weeks??

9:59 AM

well i make at minimum- 30k a day.... 30,000 X 14 = 420,000

the way i get 30k is by using methods i show in my guild

10:06 AM

tex_26, where is your guild??

10:41 AM

here is the link if you want to check it out.... its fairly new

10:59 AM

tex_26, restock books and resell at your shop. I can easily make 100k in 2 days just restocking on books (I haven't done that for a long..long..long time). The Magical Bookshop books only. The other bookshops books are only worth buying on 1/2 price day.

11:16 AM

Rex, what's your Neopet ID? I may go and buy a few thing from your shop. LOL!!! Or neomail me your ID.

11:18 AM

he's name is his ID :

11:33 AM

hey... where is/how do you get to that magical bookshop you were talking about?

11:39 AM

izzit the Faerieland Bookshop?

11:47 AM

Rex, here the link. It's the main bookshop at neopia central.

1:15 PM

thank you!

8:11 PM

woah what is it? xD
I got a lutari paint brush from the nerkmid today ^^ just so happy lol

5:33 PM

i restock books too :)

when i restock i open some windows...

main library
fearies library
igloo garage
kauvara potions
and some times suteks scrols or something

That makes too much money, but... i have not time :(

12:29 AM

WoW Vicki. Congratz.

7:14 AM

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