Me vs The Giant Ghostkerchief - Part 3  

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How did that happened? He took 125hp off me with the last move. Arrgghhh!!!... I think I need to train on defense. sigh...

The Giant Ghostkerchief wins again. The 4th time. Every round it cost me 20k. Sigh...

Okay... I will take his advise: You better practice more if you lost to me!!!

I will be back!!!

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Nice :)

I can't find garoo to battle him :(

11:31 PM

Boludototal, you need to go to the Virtupets® Space Station and keep refreshing. It took me about 2 weeks of refreshing before I got it. But do check your list once in a while because I didn't have that Something Has Happened message saying I have got him as a challenger. Good luck.

7:13 AM

Yes, im doing it, but its boring... i just enter when im restocking, because i have not time, and... im waiting to have better skills in my ~angel_de_la_soledad

7:00 PM

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