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Oh, I don't know how to say it on English, but in Latvian I can say "Veseļojies! :) " !!

2:53 PM

What a ptiy brother!!!

Some of us want to be sick and doesnt have that luck :( im tired to work and study :(

Well, i hope you be better soon.

See you, i go to work now :(

5:59 PM

This my first time posting here. I am kinda new to reading this blog and I gotta admit for like the past two weeks I always check here first before I go to neopets. Get better and I love the site.

8:44 PM

Ya, so many ppl waiting for you to come back, get well soon!

Hope u are better already after reading these.


10:15 PM

Thanks everyone. At least my fever is gone. I was worried about dengue fever. So my head is clear without all those medicine. LOL. I don't have to sleep so much now.

Someone said: "You must be very sick. You didn't touch neopet for 2 straight days."

Gosh... I am really an addict.

10:57 PM

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