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Q: What's the deal with all of the broken Neopoints? Can you fix them at the Toy Repair Shop? If not, what's the point of them? ~indian_gurl_48

TNT: Yes, Donny can actually repair bags of broken Neopoints. Of course (oddly enough), bags of broken Neopoints generally sell for more than what you can normally win from them once fixed, and that's not even considering Donny's repair fee.

Me: I was lucky that Donny didn't charge me anything and I got 1352np from repairing the broken neopoints.

Q: Where can you get the broken neopoints?
A: From Underwater Fishing or at the Wizard.
of Broken Neopoints cost 2,098 NP at the wizard.

Something new with active pet display.

Q: Hi, now that our active Neopet is shown on the boards, many of us would like to use our best Neopet as our active Neopet while posting. There is a risk to using your best Neopet, though. Boochi or the Random Event that turns your Neopet invisible are both risks. Is there any chance that we could choose which Neopet would be shown on the Neoboards while we are posting, rather than this solely being determined by our active Neopet? Thank you for your consideration. ~upinthehills

A: Not to worry! That feature is already on the list. ;) You will eventually be able to select which Neopet you want to display on the boards. There are a few things to work out, due to the nature of abandoning and adopting Neopets, so we'll likely finish The Pound up first before we get to working those things out and releasing this feature.

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