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Continuing from HERE.

Temple of Roo Level 2

3 things to note on this level:

1. Emerald.
Make sure to collect an Emerald from the ghastly enemies because you will need it to ugrade a weapon later.

2. Ghastly Monsters
On this floor, the name of the enemies will starts with "Ghastly". They can and will drain your life and so be sure to stock up on the potion.

Ghastly Guardian

A ghastly guardian was carrying ruby and Strong Healing Potion.
A ghastly guardian was carrying a Greater Healing Potion!
A ghastly guardian was carrying sapphire!
A ghastly guardian was carrying onyx!

Ghastly Guard

A ghastly guard was carrying ruby!
A ghastly guard was carrying emerald!

3. Key to Doors
On this floor, the doors to the rooms are locked. So you have to find the key to get into the door which will hold a key to the next door. There are all together 6 keys that you need to collect.

Enter a room with an open door (Room 1). Hunt and you will get a Copper-Plated Key from a Ghastly Initiate. This key will open the door to another room which will get you Key 2 (Please refer to the map.) Enter that room, and hunt and get a Bronze-plated key which gets you to the next room until you get the last key (key #6) to go the room that Archmagus of Roo is.

Room #1: Open Door

Ghastly Initiate

A ghastly initiate shrieks, "My master will avenge me!" as it runs away!

A ghastly initiate was carrying a Strong Healing Potion!
A ghastly initiate was carrying a copper-plated key!
A ghastly initiate was carrying topaz!

You gain 96 experience points for defeating this creature!

Ghastly Initiate gives you a Copper-Plated Key (Key #1) which leads to room 2

Room #2: Need Copper-Plated Key to enter.

Ghastly Adept

A ghastly adept was carrying a Strong Healing Potion!
A ghastly adept was carrying a bronze-plated key!
A ghastly adept was carrying onyx!

You gain 87 experience points for defeating this creature!

Ghastly Adept gives you a Bronze-Plated Key (key #2) - leading to room 3

Room #3: Need Bronze-Plated Key to enter.

Ghastly Priest

A ghastly priest was carrying a Strong Healing Potion!
A ghastly priest was carrying a silver-plated key!

You gain 86 experience points for defeating this creature!

Ghastly Priest gives you a Silver-Plated Key (key #3) - leading to room 4

Room #4: Need Silver-Plated Key to enter.

Ghastly Master

A ghastly master drains you of 40 health, adding it to itself! --- So be careful.

A ghastly master was carrying a Gold-Plated key!

You gain 98 experience points for defeating this creature!

Room #5: Need Gold-Plated Key to enter.

Ghastly Protector

Ghastly Sentinel

Ghastly Archon

A ghastly archon was carrying a Platinum-Plated Key!

You gain 93 experience points for defeating this creature!

Room #6: Need Platinum-Plated Key to enter.

Ghastly Templar

A ghastly templar was carrying a Crystalline Key!

You gain 85 experience points for defeating this creature!

Room #7: Archmagus of Roo's Room: Need Crystalline Key to enter.

Ghastly Champion

Ghastly Warder

Ghastly Defender

Then you will see Archie.

Note: Never let your health drop below 85 because he can freeze you 3 rounds and take out 80HP. Keep using your healing potions as you can collect more in the Techo Caves. Always use Absorption whenever you can. Now go fight.

You defeated the Archmagus of Roo!

The Archmagus of Roo slumps back against the wall of his tiny chamber. "I never thought anyone could find all the keys... or get to this place. You are truly powerful to have defeated me. Perhaps... perhaps you can bring peace to this place after all. Seek Erick, in the tunnels above... he went mad when they sealed this place, but he may still have the power to break free... if... if..." The Archmagus trails off, his eyes staring blindly past you, and he stops moving.

The Archmagus of Roo was carrying clouded gem!

You gain 1200 experience points for defeating this creature!

You are awarded a bonus of 1200 NEOPOINTS for defeating the Archmagus of Roo!

Take the teleporter back to the entrance. This is not over yet. Yet. You still need to do a few more thing, like upgrading the weapon. I will use Sneaking Mode to travel because all these monsters are now too weak to give you any experience mode and I don't want to waste time.

1. Go back to Erick to learn about the Clouded Gem that you have just received from Archie. He will clean it up and make it into the Coruscating Gem.

Erick says: "Eh? Who's that? Who's there?"

You say: "Do you recognize this clouded gem?"

Erick says: "I do... I do... it is the Coruscating Gem, but it has been... been damaged. Give it... to me... and I will... cleanse it."

You attempted to give Erick the following items:

* clouded gem

Erick takes the gem from you and passes his hand over it, while muttering something softly. The gem instantly clears, vibrant light shining from its depths and illuminating the cave. "This is the Coruscating Gem," he says hoarsely, and hands it back to you.

Erick gave you the CORUSCATING GEM!

2. With the Coruscating Gem, you make your way to Swamp Edge City to talk to Leirobas.

You say: "What are the Jewels of Power?"

Leirobas says: "Where did you hear that name?!" Leirobas quickly looks around and shuts the door to his house. "Don't ever say that out loud... Jewels of Power... I can't believe it. Who told you about them?"

You say: "A wizard named Erick, in the Temple of Roo."

Leirobas says: "Erick... oh my... he's still alive? Astonishing." Leirobas sits down warily, his sharp eyes focused on you. "Erick was an ancient wizard. Legend has it that he was trapped in the Temple of Roo when it was sealed up... but you probably know nothing of this. Well, you don't need to know. But if Erick thinks you should know about the Jewels of Power..." He pauses, looking at you warily. "I will tell you more about the jewels, but first you need to prove your worthiness. I need a piece of living crystal in order to complete a spell I'm working on; you can chip a piece off of one of those crystalline golems that roam the Temple. Bring it to me and I will tell you more about the Jewels of Power."

You give Leirobas the following items:
* 1 Glowing Stone
* 1 Tiny Beryl
* 1 Emerald

And he will hand you the Jewels of Power.

3. With the Jewels of Power, you go back to Erick.

You attempted to give Erick the following items:

* carved oak staff
* the Growing Jewel
* the Coruscating Gem

Erick looks at you as you hand him the three items. At first he stares at them blankly, but after a moment he seems to remember what they are for. "Ah. Hmm. Yes... I remember now. The staff." He takes a step back, hurls the items into the air, and chants a quick string of words while gesturing wildly. A bolt of lightning jumps from his hand and intersects with the staff, Jewel, and Gem. The bolt passes through the Gem, its power focused into a narrow beam of light; it then collides with the Growing Jewel, turning a deep, tranquil green colour, and strikes the staff, turning the brown wood a deep olive colour. The Jewel immediately vanishes into thin air, while the Gem and the staff clatter to the ground.

Erick bends over and picks up the staff and Gem. "The Jewel... we used, has gone back to its vortex. Its power is drained, for a time. But this staff... this staff holds that power now." Suddenly, with an agility belied by his doddering manner, Erick sweeps the staff through the air, and a great flaming bolt emits from it. In the distance, you hear a thrumming sound that seems to be coming from every direction at once. "I am freed!" Erick shouts. "Once my health is regained, I shall leave this place forever. Thank you kindly for your assistance, sgjhjg. You have done well."

Erick gave you a LIFE STAFF!
Erick gave you back the Coruscating Gem.

This staff can heal 100+HP. Very good weapon, however, when you use it, it will takes about 15-20 turns before you can use it again. Go and Equip it.

I got out of this cave and say bye-bye to Temple of Roo. Off I go Techo Cave, the next adventure.

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