A Good Terror Trove Scratchcard  

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I have been scratching 5 (the max a day) Terror Trove Scatchcard a day for the past 2 days hoping it will upgrade my pet's statistic. This is a cheap way to level up (provided you are lucky enough). 1 Terror Trove card is selling at about 980np in the wizard comparing to the 3 codestones I need to train and waiting 4 hours per training session. So far I have not gotten any leveling up but I have gotten 3 cards of 10k and 1 card of 5k. Not bad at all.

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wah, so lucky.
I only ganna one time of scratching 10,000nps.

1:08 PM

I think the terror trove scratchcard has a higher chance of getting 5-10k.

1:59 PM

im totally doing your scratch card idea every day.... i really need to get my pets level up... and it wouldnt hurt to make a couple grand from it too....

today i made 15,000 and a plushie from it....

10:41 AM

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