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Q: Dear TNT, I was playing Whack-A-Kass and I noticed that the bat was unlocked, even though I didn't remember unlocking it. I sent my score and it worked. I then realized that, on the "Furthest Whack," it said 883, but on my High Scores Table, it said 300(ish). It then changed to 532 because of the sent score. I quickly stopped playing the game in case it was a glitch. I then told my sister, and it turns out her high score was 883! I also cleared my computer's cookies but the "glitch" remained. Can you guys fix this or look into it? Thanks! ~sockmonkeygal

TNT: Whack-A-Kass is a little bit (wait for it... wait...) wacky, in that the farthest hit/available bat information is stored on your end of things. If you use the same browser, your sister's high score will register in the game window (though not your account). If you want to reset the game entirely, you can click the "Clear markers/Farthest whack" option on the first screen of the game. Even if it doesn't immediately show the change, it does do it. Of course, this will also reduce your sister back to batting things around with bread, since the effect is linked to the browser. If you're using different browsers, this doesn't happen. In the end, though it might be a bit confusing, it's nothing anyone would get in trouble for, since it's working as programmed.

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