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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketArrgghhhh!!!! What's happening to Trading Post? I have 2 trades stuck. 800k stuck!!!

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Not just the trading post. Bank is down too. :(

12:48 AM

TDN ( said "A major glitch with banks has occurred, where your balance doubles when you upgrade your bank account. Taking advantage of this will have you FROZEN. TDN also suggests that you avoid using the Trading Post and Auctions until the matter has been resolved."

So.. apparently it's just about anything that has to do with Neopoints. I've got 3000 NP to deposit but I can't. I'm afraid a ghost or the Pant Devil might find me first. :(

1:06 AM

Thanks for the info Laura.

Yap. Never take advantage of glitches like this. TNT will freeze you. It's not worth it.

6:53 AM

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