Altador Cup - Slushie Slinger  

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It's a busy day at the Slushie Shop! The customers are coming in at a rapid pace, and they want their slushies... or else! Help the Tuskaninny waitress serve the angry customers before they reach the end of the counter.

To serve the customers, use the arrow keys to move the waitress. The UP and DOWN arrows keys will move her between the three counters, while the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys will direct her from the service counters to the slushie machines.

A thought-bubble over the customer's head will show what kind of slushie they want. Once you have the customer's order, direct the waitress to the correct slushie machine with the arrow keys and press the space bar. After the slushie container has been filled, serve it to the customer by pressing the space bar again. Oh, and don't' forget to collect the empty cup after the customer has finished drinking their slushie.

The customers are in a hurry, so if you serve them the wrong slushies, they'll drink it, but you won't earned he full amount of points. IF a customer reaches the end of the counter without being served or you fail to collect the empty cup, however, you will lose a life... so be careful.

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