She is Everything but a Fire!!!  

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Continuing from HERE

So she was changed to

Then back to Blue. Then Electric yesterday and today she is a Christmas pet.

Anything but Fire. Sigh...

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They changed the ratio earlier this week. Not just for the regular games, but the sponser games as well. some game's ratios were changed again yesterday. Freaky Factory had gone up to 2.?, but is now done to .89.
Magax: Destoryer 2 is up to 3.16. Shenkuu Warrior is up to 3.45.Whack a Kass is up to 1.31. Sutek's Tomb is at .67, so you only need around 2000 to make 1000nps. Just check the games to see where they are at today, make a new favorites list. I hope this helps you. :)

8:38 PM

Thanks. I will look out for it. I never bother checking the ratio.

11:57 PM

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