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I need help. I need to confirm something about the game - Wingoball. I remember I used to score higher than what I score today. I remember I could get like 2400np a day from this game. But look what I see today when I send the score.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

A check and now it says the NP Ratio is 1:0.60.

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It seems Wingoball is not the only game affected. I have saw on the Game Board that this games also had a ratio changes:

Itchy Invasion
Sutek Tomb

Update #1:
Thanks to Anonymous tip, this is found:

Q: I got the same score as before in a game, however, I received less Neopoints.

TNT: If you notice that a certain score in a game earned you say 800 NPs one day and only 700 NPs the next, do not worry, this is not a glitch.

In an attempt to balance the amount of Neopoints earned among all the different games Neopets has to offer, the NP to score ratio for any particular game may change from time to time so be sure to keep an eye on the ratio for your favorite games!

Thank you.

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I think you're right. Seems like the max NP someone can get now is around 650 :(

9:28 PM

Whack a kass also had a ratio change but for the better, you can now get 1000 np on a whack with the hard bat (~800m).

11:37 PM

It seems that the ratio can change daily, depending how active a game is. :(
Here's the link:

12:53 AM

Thanks so much for these info. No wonder Wingoball's payout is so low now. It's a very popular game. Sigh... sigh...

8:35 AM

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