How to get Tarla's Treasure  

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Continuing from Tarla Toolbar which I posted sometimes ago.

How do you get the treasure?
1. Download the Toolbar.

In order to get Tarla's treasure, you need to install the Neopet Toolbar.

So go HERE to download the toolbar.

Just follow the instruction.

2. Toolbar installed.

Once it's install, you will see this toolbar on top/bottom - depending on your computer setup.

3. Wait for the alert to blink.

It's random. So you never know when it will start blinking. But once it blink, it will blink for everyone and everyone will get the same items. When it's blinking (the alert will turn yellow), click on it and it will tell you want to do.

However, if you are late in responding, you will get a message saying tarla left you something.

This treasure will be of a lesser value.

And then there are times where nothing happened. And you will get messages like this:

Some of the items are pretty good. This is what I have gotten before:

Update #1:
As I was making this post, the alert went on. And I got this:

Not bad yeah?

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How much times in day it's blinking?

6:51 PM

Rihards, not very sure. It's really random. But I have seen it blinking like 4-6 times a day.

8:40 AM

what's the time difference between SGT and EST?

3:09 AM

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10:18 AM

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3:49 PM

You don't have to download the toolbar anymore. Just go here:
and here for help:

7:29 PM

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