Altador Cup 2007 : Shenkuu Vs Krawk Island  

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We, Shenkuu, created this board:
Shenkuu Scoreboard #23//Why is the rum always gone? Because the ninjas steal it!

And they, the Krawk Islander responded:
KILL// Shenkuu we will KRAWK you for hiding our rum in your shoes!!#51


The Creativity of Shenkuu and KI:

KI's Board:
KILL// Look out, Shenkuu, there is a KRAWKACAINE in your forecast! #56

Shenkuu's responded with:
Shenkuu Scoreboard #29 :// What the heck is a Krawkacaine?

Now the KI came up with:
KILL//You may have taken our rum but we will steal your fortune...cookies!!!

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