Journey to the Lost Isle - Ch3 - Open Trap Door  

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Chapter 3 - Open the Trap Door:

1. Go to the Journal.

2. Now you will see an option at the bottom of the page "To The Puzzle". Click it and it will bring you to the Mysterious Stone Temple.

3. Get the right combination and enter the Temple.

Mysterious Stone Temple:

In order to enter this strange structure, you must enter the correct keycode using the key rings. Fortunately, the lock comes with a handy prompt system of flashing lights that lets you know how close your guess is. In the interest of maintaining high security, the keycode is reset if it is not guessed correctly after a number of tries. At that point, the rings return to the neutral position, and you must start over.

Simply click on a ring to move the next symbol into the red code position. To move a ring backward, hold SHIFT or CNTRL while clicking on a ring. Once you have all the rings in the position you like, click the red button in the center of the lock. For each symbol that is correct in the code you entered, one of the lights in the middle will light up. A yellow light indicates that a symbol in the keycode you've entered is part of the correct code, but not in the correct position. A green light indicates that a symbol in the code you entered is the correct symbol, as well as in the correct position.

NOTE: There is no correlation between the position of the lights and the position of the rings. The lights only tell you how many symbols you have correct. They do NOT tell you where they are.

How to Play:

The puzzle works the same as Time Tunnel.
You have to pick symbols and click the red button in the center to see if they are correct.
A green light On the top bar means that there is one in the right place.
A yellow light means right symbol, wrong place.
The order that the lights are in has nothing to do with which symbols are correct. Everyone's answer is different, so it's just trial and error.

There are 3 sets to complete:
1st has 4 symbols and 8 tries
(I forgot to take the screenshot for the 1st one. Maybe someone can send me one?)

2nd has 6 symbols and 10 tries

3rd has 8 symbols and 15 tries

If you run out of tries, then the puzzle (for that level) will be reset and you have to start over.

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