Journey to the Lost Isle - Ch 3 - Puzzle  

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I will try to explain how to play the puzzle.

Going in from the outside to the inside (where the red dot is). 1 is the outer ring.

Example for 2nd level, 6 symbols.

1. It start with a blank space. Click the red dot.
If no light is up, it means this blank space isn't part of the puzzle.

2. Click on the next symbol. This will move the symbol directly under the light pad.
Click on 4 ring (1-4). Leave the 5th blank. Then hit the red dot.

If Green light is lighted, it means it's at the right place.
If Yellow light is lighted, it means correct symbol, wrong place.

So what I will do now is try to find where this symbol is suppose to be.
I will move the ring with the right symbol and blank space (1st move told me the blank space is not part of the puzzle). That way, in about 2 moves, I should be able to find out where the symbol is suppose to be.

3. Once I got the symbol at the right position, I proceed to the next symbol. And the same method starts again.

I hope I don't sound too confusing. If you have any question, neomail me or do it in my shout box.

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hey, your blog is amazing :) your directions are good though, a bit confusing.


5:02 AM

Sorry about the confusion. I can play the Time Tunnel puzzle type game. Just very difficult to explain.

8:07 AM

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