Journey to the Lost Isle - Ch 5 - Repairing Boat  

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After you have gotten all your items, head over to the Ship.

Now you have to repair the Ship. You have to try to find which item to use first. This is mine. I am sure it will be the same for most people.

1. Click on the Vine - You have secure the ship.

2. Drop the plank at the side of the boat.

3. You dropped the thorns next to the plank.

4. You nailed the plank onto the ship.

You do this with that screwdriver/hammer looking item. (that items next to the vine in the 2nd picture below.)

5. With the bucket, you get the water out of the ship.

I am stuck. So I am going back to the path to find something else.

Will update later.

Update #1:
I went back to the path and found a branch. That's my missing item.

It's stuck. So I used the jawbone to cut it. Just go to your inventory, click on the jawbone and click on the branch.

So back to the ship. But first, you must find your way through those maze. This remind me of ToW!!!

6. Click the branch and it says you have move the ship into place.

7. Give it the Motor and you have replace the steam vent of the ship.

8. Give it the Wheel and you have replace the wheel of the ship.

It feels so undone. Wonder if there are more steps to do. So far, that's what everyone who has "complete" is at. Will update once I found out more.

9 Items you need:

And the branch which I forgot to take a screen shot. Sigh...

Branch picture courtesy of Pebbles:

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you've done a good job keeping up with the plot thus far. I'm also stuck (after adding the wheel to the boat). I am searching around for more to do.. but looks like this is all that's been released. Gotta keep waiting :)

3:50 AM

Thanks Laura.

7:14 AM

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