Journey to the Lost Isle - Ch 5 - Maze  

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Go to Chapter 5 Comic.
On the last page of chapter 5, put your cursor where the red circle is and it will turn into a hand. Click on it and it will bring you to the Mysterious Island.

Mysterious Island

You stand before the winding twists and turns of the jungle, take a deep breath, then plunge into the dimly-lighted space, covered as it is by the thick foliage. There are makeshift tools and items here that can help you fix the ship, and you're determined to find them.

Click on the paths to go in a certain direction, and click on items to pick them up. Check your inventory to see what items have been picked up already.

Before you go to the path, you must get the Jaw Bone first.
How do you get the Jawbone?

Highlight the text above the map page - which is where the Journal is (all those text inside the red box I highlighted) and hit TAB on your keyboard and hit ENTER. (I wanted to give credit to the person who posted this on the Board, but I can't remember who it was because I was too excited. Sorry about that)

{{Thanks Pebbles for highlighting that I forgot this important step "ENTER".}}

If this doesn't work, do this:
1. Go to the MAP page.
2. Click on the MAP.
3. Highlight the dots at the end of the text.
4. Hit Tab and Enter.
This should bring you to the POP up page.

A pop-up window will appear and you see this:

If you don't get the pop up, what you do is go through the map very slowly until your cursor turns into a hand. Click it and you will get to that pop up page with the jawbone.

Good Luck.

Now you have to go find items to repair the boat.

What do we have to do?
Click on the arrow at the bottom, it will show you your inventory:

Click on the boat:

Click at the red circle, it lead you to a path.

Decision, Decision:

Doing the search now. Will update when I have more.

Update #1:
This is what I have found.

Tip: Just click and click and click. I have been to the same path and found nothing, but after several clicks, I found an item where I have been but didn't see it there previously.

If you can't get the Hammer, complete the Code Game.

If you can't get the thorns, read chapter 4 of the comic.

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