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Convert Pet

Some Neopets that had a given species/color combination before Customised Pets were introduced are allowed to keep their old artwork, if you so choose. HOWEVER, these Neopets will not be fully customisable unless you convert them to the new artwork. If you choose to make your Neopet fully customisable, you will be able to dress your Neopet with clothes and items!

If you want to keep a Neopet that has old-style artwork, then you do not have to do anything! Simply go on about your business. But if, at some point, you decide to convert your Neopet to the new artwork, you can do so here.

WARNING!!! Converting your Neopet to the new style is an IRREVERSIBLE change! Once it is done, it cannot be undone no matter how badly you may wish it! So be very, very sure that you are okay with this before you do it!

If your pet is eligible for conversion, you will see this at your pet reference page.

IF you decide to convert, then click "Convert My Pet". REMEMBER, THIS CANNOT BE UNDONE!

I decide to try my Usuki. I will make this changes:

Asking you to confirm:

Again asking for your confirmation:

And off it starts to convert.

Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do with it yet.

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