Game: Spider-Man 3 Image Quiz  

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Spider-Man 3 Image Quiz

How good is your memory? Before each question, you'll be shown an image. Study the image and try to remember the details. Answer multiple choice questions and earn points for each correct answer.

What colour are the eyes for the Spider-Man Costume? - Silver
Which of Spider-Man's shoulders has Venon injured? - His right
What colour is the spider on Spider-Man's chest? - Black

What is on the wall in the top left corner? - Fan
What colours are on Spider-Man's costume? - Red and Blue
What pattern is on Sandman's shirt? - Stripes

What colour are Eddie's eyes? - Green
What is on the front of Eddie's T-shirt? - A Stain
What is Eddie wearing over his T-shirt? - Hooded Sweatshirt

What is Harry holding in his hands? - Binocular
What colour is Harry's suit? - Black
What colour is the wall behind Harry? - Gold

How many glasses are visible? - Two
What colour is Mary Jane's hair? - Red
Who is Mary Jane looking at? - Harry Osborn

How many rings is Mary Jane wearing? - None
What item is in the bottom right corner of the image? - Napkin
What colour is Mary Jane's top? - Black

What is his right hand made out of? - Sand
What is Sandman holding in his left hand? - Bag of money
What is on the wall behind Sandman? - Light Bulb

What is Flint Marko standing on? - Sand
How many holes are visible in the walls? - Five
Who is trapped in the pit? - Flint Marko

What colours are the pumpkin balls? - Orange and Green
How many fire escape balconies surround Harry Osborn? - Five
How many lights are visible above the new Goblin? - Three

What colour is Mary Jane's sweater? - Navy Blue
What is Peter wearing? - Suit and tie

What turns Spider-Man's suit black? - Alien Symbiote
What is he hanging from? - Webbing
What is reflected in the windows in addition to Spider-Man? - Skyscraper

What colour is the webbing? - White
Where does the webbing come from? - Wrists
What part of his face is covered by the mask? - Everything

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