Lutari Island  

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I was going to talk about Lutari Island but too lazy to compile all the info. Since Neopet is advertising the SingTel deal for Neopet Mobile, I will post this now.

Lutari Island

Lutari Island floats around the oceans of Neopia, and as a result can only be accessed via Neopets Mobile, a special service you can get from Mobile Phone Company. In Singapore, you can access it through SingTel.

In addition to being able to access your Neopets account using mobile device, subscribers will also have access to features on Lutari Island that normal and even Premium Neopets users cannot. So what's so fascinating about Lutari Island? In The Neopet Magazine Issue #17, page 62, there is a detail article on the Lutari Island.

Below is taken from the Magazine.

This hauntingly beautiful yet elusive island has been the subject of whispered myths, but its existence has only recently been confirmed. Unlike any other place in Neopia, the Island is a great floating mass that drifts along with the sea, making its location impossible to chart. Many a Neopet has searched far and wide for this enigmatic land, but few have been successful.

Now, thanks to Neopets Mobile, you can explore the beauty and riches of this lovely island for yourself! Just download the game to your mobile phone, connect it to a new or pre-existing Neopets account, and discover the entirely new world of Lutari Island. Here are just a few of the features you can access when you add Neopets Mobile to your phone.

Island Gossip
One of the most prominent places on the Island, Island Gossip is where natives gather to learn the latest news from the mainland. Just because the rest of Neopia can’t find them doesn’t mean the islanders are similarly out of touch! Here at Island Gossip, you can keep yourself up to date with the most current news on the Neopets Website.

Survival Academy
Turning to the southeast, one cannot help but notice Survival Academy, Lutari Island's training school. Decorated by bold blue feathers that are spotted in yellow and red, the Academy represents the Island's strength. A wide range of skills is required to survive in the widlerness of Island life, and there is no better place to learn these lessons than at the Academy. Here, Neopian students learn physical fitness and the art of protecting themselves, while building up strength for future adventures.

Only feathers from Lutari Island's native birds are accepted as payment at the Academy. These stunning creatures are highly regarded bythe islanders, which is why their vibrant feathers are the only form of currency that the Island's training school accepts. you can occasionally find dropped feathers while exploring the Island, but they are also available in the Island Shop.

Wheel of Happiness
Looking for a little more joy and excitment in your life? Give the Wheel of Happiness a spin and experience some of the delights that it has to offer. If today is your lucky day, any one of its fabulous prizes could be yours. For those who are impatient, there's no need to fret! The wheel can be spun every half hour for 100NP, so there's plenty of happiness to go around. The only way to learn what riches yoru future may hold is by visiting the Wheel of Happienss and giving it a spin.

Lutari Savings Bank
At the center of the Island stands Lutari Savings Bank, a branch of the famed National Neopian Bank. Since it’s so difficult to travel to and from the Island, the inhabitants built their own bank to keep their funds safe. Never fear, though; your Neopoints from the mainland can be accessed here, so you can directly manage all your finances while on the island, including collecting your daily interest.

Island Market
Like the other Neopian Lands, Lutari Island has a bustling shop of its own. Island Market sells many kinds of items, including a few things that are exclusive to thel! Browse through the great deals and unique island merchandise, and haggle with the friendly shopkeeper to your heart’s contest.

Fluorescent Pools
To the west you can see cascades of sparkling water drifting calmly in tranquil pools. These are the Fluorescent Pools, which are as beautiful as they are beneficial to your body and spirit. If you are suffering aches and pains from your Battledome training or are simply weary from your journey to Island, sit back and relax in the pools. Their cool water will refresh you in no time.

Bog of Charity
The islanders believe strongly in aiding those who are less fortunate and seek to ensure a high quality of life for everyone. That’s why the generous natives will often drop off their excess goods at the Bog of Charity for those who are in need. Stop by and see what happens. You never know what you may find.

Briana’s Quest
If you're lucky, you may encounter a lovely air faerie while exploring Lutari Island. That is Briana. She lives on teh Island and is well known for asking Neopets to help her byundertaking quests. If she happens to cross your path adn ask for yoru assistance, it is well worth your while to fulfill her request, since her rewards can be quite generous.

Fun and games are a must on Lutari Island, and the puzzle game Blockstravaganza is a favorite with visitors and the locals. Your mobile phone will never be boring again! Rearrange blocks and match them up to make them disappear before more pile on and reach the top. As an added bonus, you can send your scores for all Lutari Island games up to ten times a day, instead of the usual three!

Go Go Lutari!
Fans of the ever-exciting Turmac Roll will be pleased to learn that a newer version of the game is now available, featuring 3D graphics and a swift Lutari as the main character. Race your Lutari over tree stumps and boulders while you collect as much fruit as you can! And of course, you can submit your score up to ten times a day!

Pet Central
When you visit Lutari Island, you can access your inventory through your mobile phone so you can manage your items even when you’re not online! You can also perform other activities, such as feeding your Neopets, reading books to them, giving them toys to play with, or placing items in your Safety Deposit Box.

Even better, though, pet Central has its very own Creat a Neopet section, which allows you to have your own Lutari Neopet! Creat one of these extremely adorable Neopets, who (despite being very rare throughout the rest of Neopia) are the primary inhabitants of this also create a Kacheek, Kougra, or Shoyru, if you like. Whichever you choose, you will always have a dependable companion to explore the wonders of Lutari Island with you.

Source: The Neopet Magazine Issue #17

So what does things look like in Lutari Island? Here's a few items I found.

Lutari Island Paintbrush

The pet looks like this:


Lutari Talisman

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