Game: Spectrobe Hunt  

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Spectrobe Hunt

Rallen and Jeena must cooperate to collect Spectrobes and avoid danger. Rallen and Jeena are climbing ledges. Use the computer keyboard arrows to move them between levels. Tapping the left and right arrows will move both Rallen and Jeena in the direction tapped. Tapping the up arrow once will cause Rallen to climb to the next level. Tapping the up arrow a second time will cause Jeena to follow. Tapping the down arrow once will cause Jeena to climb down to the level below, and tapping it a second time will cause Rallen to follow.

As they move, the object is to have Rallen drop Spectrobes he finds on the ledges down to Jeena, who catches them on the level below. After collecting all the Spectrobes they find, they move together to the very top level to meet up with Aldous and exit to the next round of the game.

While making your way through each of the game's five rounds, be sure to keep an eye out for dangers that roll or bounce from one side of a level to the other! If one of them hits either of your characters, you will lose one of your three lives. Make sure to control them up or down to avoid the danger objects.

I am too embarrass to say what's my score and don't go to my high score to check the score. This hand and brain game is just not my type of game. LOL.

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