Game: Destruct-O-Match II  

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Destruct-O-Match II


How to get: Submit a score of 2500 ++ pts.

Okay, I can't play this game in the normal mode. My highest score after months of playing in the normal mode was 2000pts. I gave up. So I didn't play this game for a year.

Recently, I started to play again. But in the extreme mode.

In extreme mode, you just click and if you 2 or more of the same color, they will be destroy. You get the drift. Anyway after 4 months of playing this game, I have finally score 1500++ pts. So if I continue to play for another year, I may, just may be able to get to 2500pts. LOL...Hahahahahaha!!!!

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Me too, I can't score more than 1700 points too.

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