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Yap, Game Master AAA was indeed up to something. Look what I found:

Daily Dare

Play games! Win prizes! Collect them all!

Every day in March you'll have a chance to prove your gaming skills against the master himself... or his little sister, Abigail. If you can beat their scores, you'll win special prizes! AAA and Abigail will be challenging you to a different game each day, so stop by often!

- Before choosing your Daily Dare challenge, you might want to practice the game a few times. Once you select a Challenge, you can't change it.
- When you're confident in your skills, choose which of the gaming masters you'd like to take on, and click the challenge link under their picture.
- Once your score has topped AAA's or Abigail's (depending on whose Dare you accepted), send your score and come back to the Daily Dare page to collect your prize!
- There are additional prizes for the true gamers!

Will be back with more info later.

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