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Are We Done Yet? Freeze Frame!

10 questions and you have to answer within 40seconds after the screening of the picture.

What is Nick's last name? - Persons
What is the boy's name? - Kevin
What is the contractor's first name? - Chuck

What is Nick using to try to get the raccoon? - A mop
What is Nick trying to fix? - A ceiling light

What falls on the car? - A ladder
What type of toy does Nick step on? - A robot
What type of animal is on the roof - A raccoon

What was the number on the jersey on the wall? - 32
When was the house built? - 1889
How many friends does Nick have with him? - 2
How many bicyclist were on the street? - One

What does the boy fall off of? - A tire swing
What is written on Nick's shirt? - Gaints

What colour sweatshirt is Kevin wearing? - Orange
What is the shape of the kitchen table? - Octagon
What image is on the logo on the truck? - A hammer

Who does Suzanne think should be called? - A contractor
What does Suzanne grab in the store? - A bag of chips

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