What's Happening?  

Posted by kreai

I won't be making any update here with regards to Playing Neopet. I am not sure what I am going to do with this blog. It may become a personal encounter with neopet. Just thoughts and gloating. LOL.

What happened? I realized that this blog is not very helpful. It's difficult to find information. So when a friend suggested a forum, I was tempted. So in less than 24 hours, she has created a Neopet Forum.

I am going to transfer all the information found here to that forum. You are all welcome to join me there.

We are N.A.G. Neopets Anonymous-Guild
We play Neopets-We are Anonymous-We are a Guild: So come join us....

Register HERE

And do join in the discussion. Hope to see you there.

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Sad to know that you are no longer updating your blog. It has been very useful, at least to me. And so colorful with all the images to explain about things.

Nevertheless, will join in the forum discussions. :)

2:43 PM

Not helpful? I think you underestimate just how valuable the info you posted is. I thought the blog was *great*.

8:27 PM

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