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Pronounciation: Zwee-Tock

Xweetok Day - Nov 29th

As of November 2006 they are 13th most popular pet with over 5.4 million living in Neopia. This sets a new record for the fastest-growing new species population.

The Xweetok is a thick-furred Neopet originating from the forests of Neopia. They make their homes in hollowed out trees and logs, and are quite agile. Xweetoks enjoy being chased, and often indulge in games such as 'Tag' or 'Hide 'n' Seek' with others of its species. It has small claws on the tips of its paws, allowing it to climb steep crevices that seem difficult to other species.

Famous Xweetoks include:
* Palia Alback

Palia Alback is the Right Forward for Faerieland in the Altador Cup 2006. This speedy scorer is a master of the "one-timer" (taking a pass and immediately shooting it at the goal). However, her lack of size and strength cause her to easily tire.

There is no avatar related to a Xweetoks except for the default one which everyone gets automatically.

Some Xweetok:

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