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Wocky Day - Dec 12th

As of November 2006, they are the 16th most common pet with over 5 million living in Neopia.

The Wocky are extremely outgoing, friendly and adventurous. They love the outdoors and the feel of the wind on a sailing ship out on the seas. These neopets together with the Scorchio are usually the reason for treasure discoveries. Unafraid and brave, the Wocky is a perfect and powerful member of any battling adventures,

In the Neopets TCG, Wockies are associated with the element of fire.

Famous Wockies include:
* The Auction Genie

The Auction House is another way to make no. You can put any item for an auction. It's vale is 100np and above. Other members can bid on the item. The member who bids the highest price when the time runs out will receive the item. We can set a minimum price, the minimum to raise and how long the auction will last.

Some rare and exclusive items are available through TNT controlled accounts, such as jeran (

* An Unnamed Yellow Wocky

He runs the Game: Swarm - The Bugs Strike Back.

* Mrs. Green

Mrs. Green is Neoschool teacher, who teaches Early Neopian History. This class is aimed to give a brief overview of life in early Neopia. Where did Neopets get food before the shops existed? What did the first houses look like? When did Neopoints get introduced?

* Scratch Card Kiosk Wocky

This chirpy young Wocky has set up a stand in the Ice Caves selling scratchcards to passers by. If you are lucky you could win a fortune!


He used to work for the evil Chia, Hubrid Nox. He also runs the Game, MAGAX: Destroyer, where he must stop the evil ghost army of Hubrid Nox.

* Vonde Cayle

The Left Forward for Lost Desert in the Altador Cup 2006. After years of playing in Derbi's shadow, Vonde was looking forward to finally getting his shot to lead the team. With Azar back in the spotlight, however, will this overlooked forward be content with returning to his role as the Lost Desert's second fiddle?

* Winberto Seliz

Winberto Seliz is the Right Forward for Altador in the Altador Cup 2006. The burden of creating Altador's offence falls almost entirely on the shoulders of this nimble playmaker. However, as anyone who's ever seen one of his acrobatic goals could tell you, he's more than equal to the task.

* XL Striker 3.8

The Left Forward in the Virtupets team in the Altador Cup 2006 . Talk about being the "model" of efficiency! This robot blocks, passes, sets picks, always rotates on the double team, and is 100% incapable of being rattled by the opposing fans' taunts. On the other hand, there's no robot equivalent for that rush of adrenaline that a player gets during a crucial moment late in the game.

Avatar related to Wocky:
Grey Avatar

You must own a grey pet and look at your pet's lookup

Kiosk Wocky Avatar

You must win when you scratch a scratchcard at Scratchcard Kiosk.

Pounce Avatar

Visit a Camouflage Pet's lookup.

Yuck Avatar

You have to play till Level 50 then QUIT in Sewage Surfer.

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