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June 13th - Quiggle Day

Quiggles ranked 26th and as of November 2006, there are over 2.7 million living in Neopia.

As a general rule Quiggles are lively and fun to be around. They have a natural love of water and often build their Neohomes near ponds and rivers.

In the Neopets TCG, Quiggles are associated with the element of water.

Famous Quiggles include:
* Quaglor

The Quiggle that try to get out of the cave in the game Faerie Caves II.

* Morris of the Meridell

One of Lisha's friends. Went with her on her "discovery" of Meridell. Wields a wooden sword, and wears a pair of Lupe ears.

* Old Man Withers
The Quiggle that runs all the (restricted) clubs in the Altador plot. He also turned out to be the Blumaroo that ran the Astronomy club. He also used to be in the circus before an accident inolving a bearog (a Petpet) and a tightrope.

* Quinton

The Quiggle that runs the health food store, like broccoli, apples, and other fruits/veggies.

* Leeroy

He runs the Coconut Shy game in the Deserted Fairground.

* Leirobas

A denizen of Swamp Edge City, Leirobas is a collector of the fluids of various creatures. However, he may know darker magic, should you say the right thing to him...

* Ealyn Hawkshanks

Ealyn Hawkshanks is the Left Forward for Krawk Island in the Altador Cup 2006. While he might not be the most prolific goal scorer, Hawkshanks is the sort of selfless player that every team would love to have. Eager to set a pick or hit a teammate with a perfect pass, he's more than willing to do the little things that allow others to reap the glory.

Avatar Related to a Quiggle:
Aaay Avatar

Change your shopkeeper to Quiggle Bandit and view your shop front, Changing your shopkeeper from Emo Usuki will lose you that one, BUT you can get it back again and NOT lose the new one.

Mutant Quiggle Avatar

Visit the Lookup of a Mutant Quiggle

Alternatively, you can visit a shop of someone who is using the Quiggle Bandit shopkeeper. Here here is one.

Quiggle Day avatar

You must OWN, an Island Quiggle, and visit your pet's lookup.

Wheel Of monotony Avatar

Random event when you land on the "?" on the The Wheel of Monotony... Beware. This wheel takes forever to stop. What I usually do is I will play it when I need to take a break and leave it running. After 2 hours, it may stop. My longest record is 4 hours and what did I get? I got attack by that tyrannian beast. After I got the avatar, I get to land on the "?" often. And each time it says I got the avatar. So maybe ... just maybe, it's not that random.

What about a Quiggle?

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