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Pteri Day - Nov 8th

As of November 2006, the Pteri is ranked 30th with over 2.5 million flying in the skies of Neopia. I used to own a pteri hoping the Golden Pteri will come for a visit. But she didn't come until I zapped my Pteri into scorchio and now after many rounds to the lab, she is a Gelert. Ironically, this Golden Pteris came for visit after I don't own a Pteri. Sigh... That's life.

The Pteri is a prehistoric, long-tailed bird most often found in the trees of Tyrannia. Pteris are generally very playful and enjoy playing tricks on passers-by. They were introduced May 16, 2001. official mascot is a red Pteri.

In the Neopets TCG, Pteris are associated with the element of air.

Famous pteris include:

* The "Down For Maintenance" Pteri

This Pteri is a Red Pteri created to front the "Down for Maintenance" page, which appears to Neopian when trying to access the website while The Neopets Team is updating. He will fly by and says "I hope you didn't want to actually do anything on the site today." *BRAAWWKK*"

Because of the annoyance this gave to users, it was asked on May 11, 2003 on the Editorial, if it could be a Battledome challenger so users could get their revenge, and so Neopians are able to be challenged from a Random Event on July 27, 2004.

In addition, this Red Pteri also gives Neopets Hint in shops.

* The Golden Pteri

A Pteri that flies through the skies of Neopia, giving out riches to Pteri owners when he appears. If he appears to a player who does not own a pteri, he will simply fly away.

On Nov 7, 2003 News Features, it was said that if you are lucky:

* The Pteri in the "Pterattack" Game

* The Black Pteri

The Black Pteri was released on August 22, 2003 as a Battledome challenger. Upon its release, the following quote from the famous poem The Raven was displayed...

"Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore!"
Quoth the raven "Nevermore."

Similar in appearance to a raven or crow, the closest in appearance a Pteri can get to the Black Pteri is Shadow.

* A Pteri was also Jazan's servant in the Lost Desert/Qasala plot.
She is the one that took Nabile to see Jazan after Nabile convinced her that she knew how to break the curse on Jazan and Qasala.

* Gif'n

One of the two inventors of Tyrannian Mini Golf.

* Gali Yoj

A Yellow Pteri who aided the Neoquest Hero in NeoQuest I. She is a wise and powerful old wizard, Gali is the teacher of Eleus Batrin. She may have information that would lead to the freeing of ancient Neopia from a powerful curse.

* Clutch Billaban

The Goalkeeper for the Roo Island team during the 2006 Altador Cup. When this streaky netminder is at the top of his game, he's as tough as any goalie in the league. More often than not, however, he lets more shots through than he stops.

Avatar related to a Pteri:

Black Pteri Avatar

Defeat the Black Pteri in the battledome. You will get him as an opponent randomly when you roam around neopet site.

Cracked Avatar

Visit a Baby Pteri's lookup.

Faerie Avatar

Visit a Faerie Pteri's lookup

Fiery avatar

Visit a Fire Pteri's lookup.

Pteri - Darigan Avatar
View the lookup of a Darigan Pteri whose petpet is Darigan colored. If it doesn't work, it means this is probably ONLY available on Pteri Day.

I love Pteri, especially the Faerie.

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