Haunted Wood Plot - Potion #2  

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There are a lot of theories on the board on how to do this. Some are so confusing, I am seeing star. I tried to follow some of them and ended doing it wrongly and get a black pot. So I go back to the basic and did it exactly how I did Composite #1. This is how I got my 2nd potion.

Here's my instruction from Sophie:

You get 4 ingredients now:

You have to create 2 composites.

Composite #1:

1. Head into your ingredients cabinet.

2. Grab 10 grams of one ingredient (you can't grab more than 10 grams at a time). Any ingredient will do.

3. Then go back to the cabinet. Now grab 5 grams (base on my instruction) of that SAME INGREDIENT. If you grabbed 10 grams of Bagguss Pulp before, grab 5 grams of Baggus pulp again.

4. Now you have two parts of the same ingredient. Do what you had to do like before. Burn, crush, soak and decassitate until you reach your limit. For me, I stopped at +38 for both.

Make sure BOTH ingredients get to the right value. In other words BOTH ingredients must have a value of 38 +/- 5. (Ignore the figure for the other requirement, enchanment for my case)

5. Then I combine them. How do you combine? For the 1st ingredient, I click "Create New Composite". Then I highlight that pot and click "Combine" on my 2nd ingredient.

6. So you are done with the 1st composite. Leave it alone.

Composite #2:

1. Do the same thing, but with three DIFFERENT ingredients this time-- they MUST all be different.

2. I need 25 grams. So I grab 10 grams of one ingredient, 10 grams of another, and 5 grams of one other.

3, Then I proceed to burn, crush ... you get the picture. Which ever ingredinet reached my target which is Enchantment +78 (Ignore the conjuring figure for this composite), I click "Create New Composite" first. Then I combine the next ingredient that has reach my target and finally combine the last ingredients.

4. So now I have 2 miscellaneous compositions.

5. Hit "throw into the couldron" and if you have done it correctly, you will see Sophie saying this:

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