Haunted Wood Plot: Chapter 12 - Steps  

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Step 1:
Go to Sophie's Shack.

Step 2:
When you enter the shack, you will see this message:

Click 'Open Basic Ingredients Cabinet' and you will get the ingredients:

Then click on an ingredient and type in the number of grams. (the number of gram is given by sophie)

Eg, mine is Quantity: 5 gm
Relevant Property : Power
Target Value : +65 +/-

So I will type 5 gm.

(in the pix, I type 3 because that's the screenie I saved when I started and was doing it like a chicken running around headless. LOL.)

Then click 'Take Basic Ingredient' and you will get this message:

Now select an action "Burn, Crush, Soak and Disseccate". It will bring you to the next action page where you have the option to wait or stop.
Keep clicking "wait", but occasionally click stop" to see the result.
It will tell you what's your power.

For my case, it was 25. But I need my power in the range of 60-70. So I click wait. Do this till you can't do anything with the action. Then proceed with the next action and continue.
I continue doing it until I reached 62.

Then I click "Stop" and click the button that says 'Throw it all in the cauldron and see what happens!'

And then I got this message.

This means I have done it correctly and I am done with composite 1. Off to do number 2.

If you get it wrong, this is what will happen:

Try again.

How do you know if you got the wrong ingredient?
Well, I found out the hard way. When you have done all the action you can do with that ingredient and your power is still 30++, that means you have to discard the ingredient and restart the whole process again. I am lucky I got it right on my 2nd ingredient.

Off to do the 2nd composite.

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